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Shia News Wire_#26


July 26, 2015 Wave of attacks targeting Shia in Baghdad kills 5 and wound 15 This week Baghdad, Iraq has witnessed a wave of attacks that have left 5 Shia dead and 15 wounded. The first wave of attacks occurred in the Iraqi city of Baghdad on Monday, July 27th. ...

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Shia News Wire_#25

July 17-23 Shia Rights Watch joins NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief This week Shia Rights Watch joined the United Nations NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief in NEW YORK. This UN affiliated organization is a sub-committee of the Conference on NGOs (CoNGO) and serves as ...

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State Department Eid Al Fitr reception

shia rights watch at state department

Shia Rights Watch attended the State Department’s Eid al Fitr Reception this evening. Featured guests included the Imam of largest mosque in North America President “Islamic Center of America” Sayed Hassan Qazvini, producer f the Burka Avenger cartoon series, UMAA Representative, leaders of NGO’s and representative of countries embassy. The ...

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