Algeria Another Country to Join Anti-Shia Terrorists

According to most recent news from Africa, authorities from different countries in this continent are taking actions against the right of Shia Muslims.

Not long ago Shia Rights Watch received complaints from Shia in Morocco that they are being threatened and they fear the anti-Shia movements. Now Shia Muslims of Algeria share their concerns with SRW.

Abdel Fattah launched Zrawi Hmedash, an anti-Shia figure in Algeria, openly publicized his anti- Shia movement and said Shia threat Algeria.

All anti- Shia governors and figure accuse Shia of a threat to their security, yet the history of Shia Muslim reveals that they have always lived in peace with all, even with violators who continuously oppress them.

SRW urges Algeria’s authorities to stop anti Shia movement immediately. Shia Muslims of Algeria are peaceful citizen who are no threat to anyone. They share values with the rest of the Algerians and their rights must be respected.

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