Birth of Anti Shia Ideologies in Western Sahara

MorocoAs Anti-Shia activities spreads around the world, more and more countries adopt them. Once Saudi Arabia was the center of Shia rights violations. The failure to initiate prevention policies by international committee because of political interests resulted in widespread of Wahhabi ideologies. Now the anti-Shia ideologies spread from Arabia to many other countries, even very isolated territories such as Western Sahara in Africa.

SRW has been contacted by number of Shia Muslims of Western Sahara in Africa. Shia Muslims of that area have been threatened by anti-Shia groups, according to sources. Anti-Shia terrorists give out handouts that degrade Shia Muslims. The handouts created an environment in which Shia Muslims of the area do not feel safe.

SRW is concerned that new activities endanger Shia Muslims’ lives and result in conflict between people. Very similar hand outs and lectures resulted in mob attack and killing of Hassan Shahateh, a very famous Shia Muslim leader of Egypt in June 2013.

The organization calls in native and local authorities in the area to immediately investigate the anti-Shia activities and prevent any human rights violation. SRW urges the authorities to secure the area so all citizen, regardless of their faith, feel safe and live in peace. Western Sahara’s local forces must prevent spread of anti-Shia ideologies immediately says Msutafa Akhwand, director of Shia Rights Watch.

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