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What is in it for Pakistan to support Anti-Shiism?

Pakistan has played a mysterious role in anti-Shia coalitions, killings, violation and more at an international level. Historically Saudi Arabia is known for its Anti-Shia activities. This country not only violates the rights of its Shia population, but it also fuels and funds anti-Shiism in other countries. Saudi-backed educational institutions exist all …

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The Bahrain Uprising, Seven Years Later

The Bahrain Uprising, Seven Years Later In 2011, Bahraini citizens joined the regional fight for freedom. Thousands of Bahraini nationals came together, protesting the nations unequal distributions of jobs, housing, and political power. They asked for a new constitution that would allow people to be more involved in their nation-state. …

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Shia of Nigeria

The case of Shia Muslim in Nigeria has been a measure of the nation states morality. In December 2015, a Shia Muslim religious center in Kunduna was attacked amidst religious processions. The Nigerian army killed over 400 Shia men, women, and children on that day alone. Two days later, a …

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Muharram 2017 Advisory

Muharram Advisory Dear Fellow Shia Muslims, As a human rights NGO dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of Shia Muslims globally, we are writing to bring to your attention the veneration and importance of practicing safety in your community in the month of Muharram. Since Muharram is the time Shia …

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Hajj 2017 Travel Advisory

With the upcoming Hajj Travel season approaching, travel within Saudi Arabia remains alerting for Shia Muslims making the pilgrimage. The ability of foreign Embassies to assist Shia facing difficulty is extremely limited and difficult. Shia Rights Watch (SRW) has also faced extreme difficulty in assisting Shia in Saudi Arabia who …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش تدعو الحكومة الباكستانية لوضع حد للمجازر التي تقع بحق الشيعة

أدى انفجار قوي الى مقتل 15 شخصا على الاقل واصابة 32 اخرين في ولاية بلوشستان الجنوبية الغربية المحاذية لكل من إيران وافغانستان، أقدمت على تنفيذه الجماعات الإرهابية الناشطة في باكستان. ووقع الانفجار عند موقف للحافلات في كويتا عاصمة ولاية بلوشستان ذات الاغلبية الشيعية ما ادى الى وقوع حريق ايضا في …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش: السعودية تمارس العقوبات الجماعية بحق مدينة العوامية

تتوارد الانباء الواردة من بلدة العوامية المنكوبة مؤكدة على تعرض السكان الى عقوبات جماعية من قبل السلطات السعودية مما يشمل خرقا سافرا لقوانين حقوق الانسان الدولية، وانتهاكا يجرم عالميا. اذ تستخدم السلطات السعودية أسلحة المدفعية وقذائف الدبابات في مواجهة حركة احتجاجية على طبيعة السياسات القمعية والتهميشية التي تمارسها الدولة بحق …

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Letter to Prime Minister of CANADA

Canada Made weapon used in Saudi

2017-08-04 Respected Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada has long been recognized for its peace-keeping role around the world. Canadian values of freedom, respect for human rights and cultural differences and a commitment to social justice has developed this country to a welcoming and inclusive nation. However, a recent elevated violent crackdown …

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Our Heart Goes out to Afghanistan

Our Heart Goes out to Afghanistan We, at Shia Rights Watch, are deeply saddened by the ruthless targeting of Afghan Shia by two suicide bombers attacked a Shia mosque in the western Afghan city of Herat on August 1, 2017. The attack was reported to have killed as many as …

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