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Extremists Enjoy Freedom in Kenya

Siege at Kenyan Mall got lots of attention from Media last week. It is interesting that Kenya is one of the countries in which terrorist and their leaders feel secure to spread their ideologists. Abu Sharif Ahmed is an example of so called leaders who are proud of their anti-human …

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Africa: The New Host of Anti-Shi’ism?

A Shia Muslim man was shot killed in a ritual program on May 5th, 2013. Musa Abubakar, a Shia Muslim man was targeted in the annual birthday of Lady Fatima, the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, in Suleja town of Niger State. He died on spot and the shooters drove away. The …

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Egypt and Growing Anti-Shi’ism

The rapid growth of anti-Shi’ism in Egypt raises many questions. No other country, even Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabism was born and has been fed financially and ideologically, witnessed such a rapid anti-Shia growth. The trend increased even more after the beginning of the Egypt/Iran relationship since 2011. These countries did …

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Al-Azhar University’s Reputation Under Question

A Shia Muslim student is under investigation in al- Azhar University. A female student of the most important university of Egypt could face legal action and be expelled from school if proven to be Shia Muslim. Students of the university filed a complaint against a female student, accusing her of …

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Shia Oppression in Egypt: Now More than Before

Egypt, a home country of many scholars and place birth of civilizations is threatening its brilliant history by targeting Egyptian Shia. Home to the Fatimid Empire, one of the most important imperials that was established and lead by Shia Muslim leaders, is publicly fighting the Shia faith. Change of government …

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