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Soon majority of Bahrain population will be in prison

On Saturday, June 3rd, Bahrain’s Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the five-year prison term against seven defendants charged with “unlawful” assembly, the gathering of 5 people or more; setting tires alight; and hurling petrol bombs at government vehicles in Juffair, a neighborhood in Eastern Manama, on August 2, 2013. Along …

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Case of Sheikh Isa Qassim, Violations Continues in Bahrain

Bahraini government fines, strips nationality, and gives jail time to Sheikh Isa Qassim, another Bahraini Shia cleric. Suspended jail time in addition to $265,000 fine of Sheikh Isa Qassim is another example of Bahrain’s religious discrimination and controlling of religious freedom. Sheikh Qassim was accused and charged of illegal fundraising and …

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Bahraini Clerics under Attack

Bahraini Clerics under Attack Shia Rights Watch is greatly saddened and disturbed at the alarming number of Shia clerics who are being unlawfully arrested in Bahrain. This blatant targeting of Shia religious leaders, including Sayed Majeed Al Mishal is unacceptable and unfounded. SRW calls on Bahrain’s leaders to release him …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش تدعو البسيوني الى اعادة طرح توصيات تقريره الخاص بالبحرين

Shia Rights Watch,شیعة رايتس ووتش

تغتنم منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش زيارة الحقوقي محمد شريف بسيوني الى دولة البحرين لتجديد دعواها الرامية الى ايجاد حل للازمة الانسانية التي يعيشها الشعب البحريني، مشددة على ضرورة اعادة طرح تقرير اللجنة المستقلة لتقصي الحقائق. اذ ترى المنظمة ان تنفيذ توصيات اللجنة البحرينية المستقلة لتقصي الحقائق المعروفة أيضا محليا في …

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Persecution of Shia Muslims In Bahrain

Shia Rights Watch’s executive director Mustafa Akhwand is invited to the conference titled “Persecution of Shia in Bahrain,” for a two day summit in Brussels. This summit is organized by SALAM for human rights and justice and No Peace without Justice(NPWJ), to promote and protect human rights and democracy in …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش تصدر تقريرها الشهري للانتهاكات الحقوقية بحق الشيعة

تقرير منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش الشهري للانتهاكات الحقوقية بحق المسلمين الشيعة تصدر منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش تقريرها الشهري حول ابرز الانتهاكات الحقوقية التي ارتكبت بحق المسلمين الشيعة للفترة الممتدة من 25 شباط/ فبراير وحتى 25 آذار/ مارس. ويستعرض التقرير العديد من العمليات الارهابية التي نفذتها الجماعات التكفيرية بحق افراد من …

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Summary of Special Rapporteur report on Discrimination against Shia in Bahrain

March, 2016 Summary of Special Rapporteur report on Discrimination against Shia in Bahrain Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and Heiner Bielefeldt, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, stated receiving concerning alleged patterns of continuous discrimination against Shia citizens (mainly Baharna and Ajam), which …

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