November, 2015

  • 23 November

    NGOs Urge Sec. Kerry to Act in Case of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

    20 November 2015 — Washington, DC — Today, a collection of 17 organizations and two individuals working on behalf of human rights and international religious freedom sent a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to press Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to halt …

September, 2015

  • 23 September

    Shia Rights Watch welcomes Pope Francis to the United States

    Shia Rights Watch welcomes pope francis

    On behalf of the American Shia community, we welcome Pope Francis with open arms. We know that this trip will we be both enjoyable and productive for both the American community as well as the international community at large. Yesterday afternoon Pope Francis landed in the United States to begin …

August, 2015

July, 2015

  • 13 July

    European resolution on human rights in Bahrain

    Shia Rights Watch #HRC33 Malaysia

    07/13/2015 Last Thursday the European Parliament adopted a resolution on human rights in Bahrain. This resolution, which passed by a large majority in the parliament, calls for a host of actions from the Bahraini government. Through this resolution, the European Parliament condemns all human rights violations committed in the country …

  • 2 July

    Ambassador of Bahrain

    Shia Rights Watch writes letter to the Ambassador of Bahrain to request increased protection for Shia Muslims in Bahrain after ISIS threats. Washington, D.C.- July 2, 2015- Shia Rights Watch sent a letter to the Ambassador of Bahrain to request greater protection for Shia Muslims in Bahrain leading up to …

June, 2015

  • 19 June

    Ramadan Kareem

    Shia Rights Watch would like to extend its best wishes to the Muslim community around the world as the month of Ramadan approaches. This holy month in which Muslims reflect upon the time in which the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. This time of fasting, prayer, and reflection …

  • 19 June

    Children in Bahrain: From Playground to Prison

    Shia Rights Watch paper in #HRC29 Side Event; “Children in Bahrain From Playground to Prison” 06/19/2015 Childhood moments are meant to produce memories of carefree enjoyment. At the same time childhood experience cultivates the foundations of our education of society, and builds our understanding of the socio-structures of how to …

  • 4 June

    International Day for Shia Rights #612ShiaDay


    Shia Rights Watch Launches International Day of Shia Rights Campaign Washington, D.C. – June 4, 2015– In memory of the June 12, 2014 attack on Camp Speicher in Iraq, Shia Rights Watch has declared June 12th the International Day of Shia Rights. The International Day of Shia Rights was created …

October, 2014

  • 28 October

    ISIS Crimes against Humanity For Immediate release

    Washington, DC- October 28, 2014– Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting human rights violations committed by ISIS in Iraq. With the Islamic State in Iraq and al- Sham (ISIS) controlling large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, SRW has come forward with evidence documenting extensive human rights violations by …

June, 2014

  • 16 June


    Introduction The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), abbreviated as ISIL or ISIS, is an active Jihadist terrorist group with a mission to establish an illegal unrecognized state in Iraq and Syria under the auspices the Wahhabi movement[i]. This week, …