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Shia News Wire #49

Sheikh Nimr As 2016 begins, the aftermath of Sheikh Nimr’s execution has been an overwhelming concern of the human rights community and the Shia community. Since the execution last week, there have been protests around the world, in some places these occurred daily. In Saudi Arabia, the place of Sheikh …

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Shia News Wire #48

Bahrain The Bahraini judicial system has continued to display intolerance towards opposition as this week they sentenced one Shia citizen to death and 22 others for life under the charges of forming a terrorist group. This group, according to the Bahraini government, killed two people, including a policeman. In addition …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in December 2015

Overview: This report will analyze the data compiled on Shia deaths, injuries, and arrests that occurred between December 1st and December 31st.  December has been a relatively low risk month for Shia around the world with the exception of the massacre in Nigeria.  The attacks towards Shia stretched from Nigeria …

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Shia News Wire #47

Nigeria Over the past week the Shia community has continued to reel from the news about the mass killing of Shia Muslims in Zaria city in Nigeria. Although the Nigerian military is maintaining its innocence, new reports and evidence are showing the malicious actions of the Nigerian armed forces. The …

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Shia Weekly News #46

Iraq The casualties of Iraq in the past week have been over 60 deaths, explosions ranging in location from Diyala, Nahrawan, Abu Ghraib, Madain, Latifiya, Al-Amin, and Al-Obaidi neighborhoods of Baghdad. The bombings have been consequent, killing civilians daily. Bombings have been prominently in popular civilian hubs, targeting people women, …

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Shia Weekly News #45

Pakistan On Friday December 11th Punjab police arrested three members of Laskar-e-Jhangvi in connection with the shooting death of a Shia army officer in Lahore. Captain Ahmed Raza was shot and killed six months ago by what was believed to be his guard their accomplices. A man by the name …

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Shia Weekly News #44

Iraq On November 30th, Iraq experienced two bombings in Baghdad which targeted Shia Muslims during the annual Arbaeen pilgrimage; fifteen people were reported dead and thirty-eight people were reported injured, following these attacks.  . The first attack occurred at a checkpoint in the Saiydiyah district on a route Shia pilgrims …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in November 2015

This report will analyze the data compiled on Shia deaths, injuries, and arrests that occurred between November 1st and November 30th.  November has been a high risk month for Shia Muslims around the world.  The attacks towards Shia Muslims stretched from Nigeria to Bangladesh.  Iraq had the highest number of …

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