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The Unwelcomed Muslims in Malaysia

The “The Unwelcomed Muslims in Malaysia” is a well-documented report of incidents of Shia rights violation in the country of Malaysia. According to the report, Shia is considered a “deviant” interpretation of Islam and is a banned faith. In the year 2010 and 2011 the government openly attacked two of …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in March 2015

2015 is only a quarter of the way through, and the trend of anti-Shiism in the world continues to increase. There were nearly 560 deaths and over 550 injuries this month. These figures result in an average over 18 deaths per day, and nearly 19 injuries per day. There has …

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When It Will End February 2015

The second monthly anti-Shi’ism report by Shia Rights Watch continues where the previous report left off. There were more than 350 deaths and over 700 injuries this month. This month has also witnessed the first incident of violence against Shia in Central Asia this year with the kidnapping of 30 …

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Bloody start to the year January 2015

Bloody start to the year Incidents of Anti-Shiism in January 2015 The first installment of the Shia Rights Watch monthly incident reports begins on a disastrous note. With over 500 dead, almost 400 injured, and dozens arrested, Shia Muslims have systematically targeted in the month of January. Overview This report …

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The Shia in Yemen

This Shia Rights Watch report entitled “The Shia in Yemen”, documents incidents of violence and intimidation against Shia Muslims in Yemen. Documenting cases until the end of 2014, the report gives a detailed account of how Shia have been targeted because of their religious beliefs. Kidnappings, murders, and illegal detentions …

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Shia News Wire_#16

December 18, 2014 SRW Thanks Iraqi Forces for Creating Safe Arba’een for Pilgrims Shia Rights Watch expresses its appreciations for all Iraqi forces that helped securing this country during most important and largets human gathering in this country. This year Iraqi security forces managed to create safest Arba’een so far …

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Shia News Wire_#15

December 12, 2014 Islamic State executes Shia militiamen north of Baghdad On Sunday, militants from the Islamic State executed 12 Shia militiamen in a rural village north of Baghdad. The executions occurred in the village of Tal al-Thahab which is near the town of Balad which is roughly 50 miles …

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Shia News Wire_#14

67 killed in clashes with ISIS Militants in Iraq On Monday 67 people, including 15 border guards, were killed in clashes between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants in 2 provinces in Iraq. The first of such attacks occurred in Iraq’s western Anbar province when dozens of militants attacked the …

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Shia News Wire_#13

November 21, 2014 Militant groups in Pakistan Declare Allegiance to ISIS On Monday, a Taliban offshoot named Jundullah announced that it is supporting the efforts of ISIS to establish an Islamic Caliphate. Fahad Marwat, the spokesperson for Jundullah, announced this declaration of support after Jundullah met a three-person ISIS delegation. …

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