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Thank You letter to The New York Times 2

Thank You letter to The New York Times 2 Shia Rights Watch would like to thank THE EDITORIAL BOARD Of the New York Times news agency for their article published on June 28th. As Shia rights violations are increasing around the word, especially in Middle East, it is critical for …

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Spotlight, Special Edition

Spotlight is the only and first human rights report that looks at all countries with most Shia Muslim rights violations at once. This one of a kind Spotlight report summarizes Shia Muslim rights violations in eight countries with the most violations. The report reflects extensive investigative work that SRW staff …

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Pakistan; Untold Stories

The anti-Shia groups have repeatedly carried our discriminatory attacks to Shia communities, individuals, and professionals. The attacks are serious violations to the international and Pakistan’s domestic laws. The Pakistani government has not investigated the violations and people responsible for the attacks have never been punished. The 28-page report” Pakistan; Untold …

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Shia Ethnic Cleansing in Indonesia

The 16 page report “Shia Ethnic Cleansing in Indonesia “documents cases of human rights violations towards minority Shia in the world’s largest Muslim populated countries, Indonesia. Shia Rights Watch researchers have collected creditable sources that highlight violations that Shia face in this country. The document narrates the born down of …

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SRW Letter to the Embassy of the Islamic Republican of Pakistan

Shia Rights Watch contacted the Pakistani ambassador, Sherry Rehman, regarding the increased Shia rights violations in this country. In a recent letter to the Embassy of the Islamic Republican of Pakistan, S.R.W asked the Pakistani government to stop and prevent human rights violations toward Shia population in the country. Shia …

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Shia target of inhumane treatment

The 52-page report, “Shia Target of Inhumane Treatment,” documents cases of human rights violations towards Shia in Bahrain. Shia Rights Watch researchers have credibly documented many of cases of unlawful arrests, tortures and abuses. The report specifies 12 different human rights violations toward Shia only in the country of Bahrain. This …

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درنامه اى به اقاى احمدى نژاد، سازمان جهانى ديده بان حقوق شيعه خواستار آزادى بيشتر مرجعيت وعلماى شيعه در ايران شد

دراين نامه كه بمناسبت فرارسيدن ايام فرخنده ولادت باسعادت رسول گرامى اسلام (صلى الله عليه وآله) به اقاى احمدى نژاد فرستاده شده است، ازرياست جمهورى كشور شيعه نشين ايران خواسته شده است به مرجعيت وسخنوران غيرحكومتى شيعه آزادى بيان داده شود تا بتوانند از اسلام غير حكومتى ترويج كنند  . سازمان …

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Anti- Chiisme : une nouvelle terminologie dans le domaine des Droits de l’Homme Le terme «anti- Chiisme» désigne des préjugés ou de la haine contre les Musulmans Chiites. Le terme a été introduit par «Shia Rights Watch» en 2011. Cependant, le mouvement anti- Chiisme, a une longue histoire. L’Histoire des …

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A New Term in the Human Rights Field   The term “Anti-Shi’ism” means prejudice against or hatred of Shia Muslims. The term was first introduced by Shia Rights Watch in 2011. The act of Anti-Shi’ism, however, has a long history. Shia in History Shia have a long history of facing …

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