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Shia Rights Watch Bi-Annual Report


Shia-Rights-Watch_BiAnnual-2016_Interactive Size: 1.14 mb Format : PDF Preview This Bi-Annual report is based on analysis of monthly reports conducted by Shia Rights Watch. The report summarizes human rights violations toward Shia people in 10 countries beginning in January and ending in June 2016. Included in this report is a list …

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Shia Rights Watch issues its 2015 Annual Report

Infographic_Shia Rights Watch_2015Report

SRW annual Casualty Report, depicting cases of anti-Shiism throughout the past year including cases of arrest, injury, murder, and detainment. Based on in depth research of SRW, an average of, twenty-nine to thirty Shia Muslims were killed, arrested, or wounded on a daily basis in 2015. “2015” reports 5093 Shia …

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International Shia Day

Declaring an International Day was a decision Shia Rights Watch made after realizing the amount of misinformation and lack of awareness that the international community has in regards to Shia communities. The practical significance of the day revolved around raising public and governmental awareness of the human rights violations that …

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Bahrain; The Lost Generation

ISBN-10: 1512057819 ISBN-13: 978-1512057812 The Shia Rights Watch report entitled “Bahrain: The Lost Generation” is 48 pages, detailing incidents of violence and intimidation against Bahraini Shia Muslims in 2014. Government sponsored violence has affected the lives of many Shia communities around Bahrain. The report gives a detailed account of how this …

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Pakistan;Rights Unrecognized

The Shia Rights Watch report entitled “Pakistan: Rights Unrecognized” details widespread militant violence against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. This 24 page long report gives a glimpse into how targeted shootings and mosque bombings have inflicted immense pain on the Shia minority around the country. Pakistani Shia Muslims have been targets of …

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The Unwelcomed Muslims in Malaysia

The “The Unwelcomed Muslims in Malaysia” is a well-documented report of incidents of Shia rights violation in the country of Malaysia. According to the report, Shia is considered a “deviant” interpretation of Islam and is a banned faith. In the year 2010 and 2011 the government openly attacked two of …

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The Shia in Yemen

This Shia Rights Watch report entitled “The Shia in Yemen”, documents incidents of violence and intimidation against Shia Muslims in Yemen. Documenting cases until the end of 2014, the report gives a detailed account of how Shia have been targeted because of their religious beliefs. Kidnappings, murders, and illegal detentions …

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Saudi Shia Muslim Victims of Secterian Isolation PART 2

Saudi Shia Muslim Victims of Secterian Isolation PART 2 This 23 pages report is part 2 to the original report that was published by SRW in 2012. This part highlights some of the heath and economical violations toward Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia.   Get the Report saudi_report_2013_final Size: 902.79 …

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Most Killed Least Covered The case of Syrian Shia

This 36 page report details violations against the Shia Muslim minority in Syria. The report is based on Interviews, site visits, news articles, NGO reports, and other human rights reports. According to most reports more than 150 thousand people have lost their lives since 2011. Many of those belonged to …

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