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Shia News Wire_#7

September 17, 2014 ISIS Demands Capital of Shia and Christian in Mosul ISIS announced all businessmen in Mosul must turn in any properties and capital that belongs to Shia and Christians immediately. Local Sunni businessmen reported they have been threatened that their found and capital will be seized if they …

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Shia News Wire_#6

September 3, 2014 670 Shia Prisoners Killed in Mosul The United Nations states they have evidence that ISIS has killed 670 Shia inmates from a Mosul prison. According to The Guardian, ISIS fighters sorted inmates based on their faith, asking Sunnis to recite prayer and identify their backgrounds. They then …

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Shia News Wire_#5

August 25, 2014 ISIS Attacks Tribes in Syria 700 members of a tribe in Syria were killed and 1800 kidnapped by ISIS. Members of the Al Shaieetat tribe in Deir ez-Zor who have been under siege by terrorist groups for last two years were attacked by ISIS on Sunday. According …

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Shia News Wire_#4

August 12, 2014 Another Success: Shafi Sultan Mohammed al-Ajmi Under US Sanctions SRW is grateful to all Shia rights activists who helped this organization and others in pressuring governments and agencies to recognize Shafi Sultan Mohammed al-Ajmi, a Kuwaiti cleric, as a Shia rights violator who passports and funds terrorist …

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Shia News Wire_#3

August 1, 2014 Shia Islamic Center Closed in Iran Beyt al-Abbas Center, a Shia Islamic center in Isfahan, Iran was forced to shut down by authorities in mid July. Authorities ceased operation of the center during the Ramadhan Iftar, claiming the center lacks licensure to operate. Members of the center …

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Shia News Wire_#2

July 25, 2014 Attack inside a Jail in Bahrain In an attack inside a prison, the guards insulted Shia practices. Shia inmates who had arrested during a peaceful, pro-democracy protest were searched in Hawdh al-Jaff prison for their prayer stones and holy books, which were demolished by guards upon finding. …

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Shia News Wire_#1

07/11/2014 ISIS Destroys Mosques and Shrines in Iraq ISIS destroys tens of Shia Mosques and Shrines as they continue to instill fear in Iraq. Particularly in the northern Nineveh province, ISIS has destroyed six Shia mosques as well as four shrines. SRW believes UNESCO must act fast as most of …

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