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Embassy of the Republican of Indonesia

Embassy of the Republican of Indonesia

Letter Number: 353


Dear Ambassador Dr. Dino Patti Djalal,

On behalf of Shia Rights Watch, I am writing to highlight the ongoing human rights violations toward Shia Muslims in Indonesia and to ask for immediate action to stop the violations.

Indonesian Shia citizen are facing an unfair treatment in this country. In most recent months Shia faced burn down of their homes, schools and village. The militants have attacked their communities, murdered their loved ones and relocated many of them to unpleasant shelters. Shia clerics have been charged, accused and arrested multiple times.

In February 2006 Sunni clerics and some police officers signed a public statement declaring that Shia Islam was heretical,

In December, 2006 Shia were prevented from attending Ashura celebration by militants,

In January 2012 Shia houses and a local school at the Nangkernang was burned down and caused 500 residents to flee,

In April 2012 a Shia cleric, Tajul Muluk, was charged with “unpleasant misconduct”,

In August 2012 two men, Hamama and Tohir, lost their lives in the attack on Shia community in Sampang,

In the same month, anti-Shia group prevented Shia students from traveling to their home town, Sampang, to celebrate Idul Fitri with their families,

There were reports of stabbing and gas bombs by anti-Shia groups in Shia populated areas,

Most recently those who took shelter after the burn down of their homes were asked to sign statements saying that they were willing to convert to Sunni school of thought.

The above incidents are examples of Shia rights violations taking place in the Indonesia. Indonesia is an Islamic country that is expected to follow Islam’s message of peace and respect and non-violence, instead Shia Muslims are being suppressed every day in the name of Islam!

The government has not shown any support toward the anti-Shi’ism that is going on in the country. The neglect of the official authorities have strengthened the Anti-Shia groups and suppressed Shia further more.

In accordance with international and Indonesian law, the government is responsible for protecting the human rights of all its citizens and promoting coexistence and non-discrimination. SRW stands in solidarity with Shia in Indonesia and urges the government to hold the Shia rights violators accountable for their actions and promote the rights of Shia in this country. To this end, SRW recommends the Indonesian government to:

  • Stop anti-Shia activities and respect basic human rights of Shia regarding their religious freedom;
  • Increase protection and guarding of areas in which anti-Shia attacks have occurred;
  • Investigate instances of anti-Shia attacks and bring justice to culprits;
  • Free and drop charges against Shia scholars such as Tajul Muluk and prevent similar cases from happening in the future;
  • Put a stop to anti-Shia fatwas and religious documents;
  • Rebuild the homes and ensure security and education for Shia of the area.,


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