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Iraq’s Deadliest Attack Since 2003, Over 292 Killed

Shia Rights Watch condemns in the strongest terms the July 3rd ISIS bomb attacks which have resulted in over 200 deaths of innocent civilians in Karrada, Iraq. With a death count of over 215, the events of July 3rd were the deadliest attack since 2003. A truck bomb detonation set of fires which took down one of Baghdad’s most prominent shopping centers.
  SRW conveys its deepest sorrows for the family members of victims of this inhumane violence and stands with Christians, Shias, and non-Shia alike who have been affected by this tragedy. SRW mourns the death of the lives lost in preparation of Eid festivities in Karrada, Iraq and further urges the Iraq government to revisit it’s security plans.
Iraq has the highest Shia causality rate in the entire world as the government fails to protect this population.
Iraqi government must immediately check the effectiveness of bomb detector devices, put in place prevention strategies and increase staff training in order to stop high human causality in this country as  right to life is the most basic right of any human being.
According to Iraqi officials Sunday’s death toll rose to 292 and so far 20 people are missing. death tole is expected to increase due to severity of the attack. private investigators report the attack took place near Leith shopping mall as families visited to shop for Eid, as the result most of the victims are women and children. It is also reported that the bombs contained chemical components that caused immediate death. Further more, what adds to the mystery of the attack is that the entrance door of the mall found lucked and according to witnesses none of the fire extinguisher worked at the time of the attack. Most bodies found burned to the point is it impossible for the  officials to identify them and inform their families.
Five days after July 3rd attack, three suicide bombers attacked a Shia shrine in Balad north of Baghdad, killed 26 and wounded 52 others. anger and disappointment raises as Iraqi forces fail to protect people, especially in Shia populated area.

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