Islamic State vs Sunni State

Once it was believed that countries claiming to follow Islamic Law (Sharia) are Islamic states. Recent anti- Shia movements proved those countries are not Islamic states, they are Sunni states. Throughout the history Shia been known Islamic sect. They believe in same God as all Muslims do, follow the same prophet, and practice all aspects of the religion according to the Quran (Islamic holy book). However, a new growing trend that tries to call Shia infidel is being supported by many so called “Islamic” countries.

What is the difference between Islamic state and Sunni state?

In an Islamic state, all sects of Islamic are considered Muslim, also non- Muslims have freedom to practice their religion according to Quran and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad. However, in Sunni state, any non- Sunni is illegal and will face legal charges. This means Muslims who have different faith than Sunni are not welcome in those states. This is exactly what is going on in many countries of the Middle East. All minorities, whether Muslims or not, are rejected by governments and citizens in those countries because these countries are not Islamic states they are Sunni states.

The ideology of intolerance toward non-Sunni is strongly supported and spread by Slafis and Wahhabis who are in fact behind most terrorist activities around the world.

SRW believes shifting from Islamic state to Sunni state increases discriminations and human rights violations. SRW invites all shifting countries to stay Islamic and not acquiesce to Salfis and Wahhabis terrorist ideologies.

By Hawraa, a Human Rights Activist and Specialist on July 2, 2013.

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