More on “Arm the Rebels or not to Arm the Rebels?”

Last week Shia Rights Watch posted an editorial about the danger of arming rebels in Syria. More and more incidents are emphasizing the importance of making the right decision about making arms accessible to rebles.

Recent murder of a minor in Syria increased the fear among innocent citizen of Syria. According to The Telegraph online media, earlier in the month of June, 2013, a 14 year old boy was shot three times in front of his family for making a passing joke. The rebels shot the boy while the mother was watching.

Earlier the UN reported that rebels have used chemical weapons, which is a war crime. Now, they killed a minor and it is another war crime.

SRW asks is group of people violate the international law, should they be trusted with more access to arms? Can any government assure the innocent people that the arms are not going to threaten their lives and families?

The boy became a symbol of fear to many in country, but shouldn’t this be a symbol of what is to come if the rebels have easier access to weapons in a rise of violence?

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