Morsi’s Report Card

On June 30th 2012 Mohammad Morsi, a representative of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Muslim Brotherhood(MB) took over the office as president of Egypt. When people of Egypt protested two years ago they demanded freedom from oppressors such as Mubarak. They dreamed for an Egypt that runs based on democracy and freedom. People, regardless of their religion, political view and ethnicity, hand in hand, changed their government for better.

Now one year later, Egypt is a country in which people feel free to attack, kill and burn houses of their own people thanks for Morsi’s leadership. Since Morsi took office in 2011, Shia rights violators have gotten a green light to degrade, humiliate, harass, attack and kill minorities in this country. Human right violators repeatedly encouraged public to hate Shia Muslims and refuse to live with them in harmony. They even addressed president Morsi and directly asked him to refuse Shia as Muslims, and Morsi welcomed their comments. If not as a president of a nation, as a representative of FJP Morsi should have stood beside minorities and protected their rights, but instead he supported the extremists and gave them opportunity to spread hatred messages through public media and in mosques.

Extremists openly go to villages and cities with Shia Muslim population and urge the non-Shia Muslims to refuse to live with Shia. They distribute posters and flyers with hate messages on them in small communities and spread hate between Shia and Sunni neighbors. A clear example is the mob attack that took place on Sunday the 23rd where 4 Shia including a very well-known cleric were killed. They were attacked by civilians, beaten up and their dead body was dragged to street as a sign of victory.

As eye witnesses reported about 3000 people, random citizen, gathered in the small village at the same time with stick and they all targeted the house of the known Shia citizen. Gathering up such a crowd needed lots of time and planning; It took hours for all those people to march to the house, attack them, and drag their bodies and yet security forces did not have time or power to interfere and stop the crowd?

The uselessness if the forces against 3000 people prove their lack of skills and motivation to secure a country with about 82.54 million people.

One year anniversary report card of Morsi is full of violations and oppression. How can he run a country when he himself is a human right violator? Morsi is the first president in Middle East who openly degraded minorities in public. Even Saudi Arabi’s kings, who are funding most human rights violations toward Shia Muslims, did not do that in media.

Looking back in Egypt’s history during the first year of Morsi’s presidency, the people’s goals were digressed from freedom and democracy to hatred and sectarian violent.

Clearly after one year, Morsi showed that he is not capable to implement democracy and freedom in Egypt. Now his record is full of crimes that he must be plead guilty in Egyptian courts.

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