New Egypt; Welcome

Morsi ‘s administration one year report is full of violations, crimes and hatreds. Now people can reconsider someone with multicultural understanding and respect.

Now, more than ever, Egypt has the opportunity to build a government diverse enough to meet the need of all its citizens, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, languages and political views. Now that Morsi is not in power anymore, the new authorities, in this case the military, should take advantage of this new starting point and engage all, including minorities, in creating a stable government. Governments in which all citizens feel safe to express their opinions, practice their faiths, take part in government, access education and have job opportunists are historically the governments that succeed.

Egypt is a country with rich history and culture and deserves a country and government that they can rely on.

SRW encourages the new authorities to build a government based on respect to human right and calls on the courts to hold Morsy accountable for the crimes and violations his leadership led too.

It’s time to prove yourself, Egypt.

By Hawraa, a Human Rights Activist and Specialist on July 3rd, 2013

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