One Baby Every Hour

allEvery hour passes adds one baby to the Syrian families in their refugee camps as one baby is born every hour according to UN research.

So far 21,000 babies were born, most of which do not hold birth certificate. These babies are born in camps when their families have no healthy food, they siblings are dying due to cold and most importantly there is no promising future waiting for them.

While our children are enjoying their holiday season looking forward for expensive toys and wearing well-tailored cloths, Syrian children are starving from hunger, shivering from cold and crying foe their lost parents and siblings.

As a human rights activist I wonder where are all the children rights organization? Who is going to stand up for the most basic rights of Syrian children? Why the world is silent when they crying voice of children in Syria is being heard every minute?

By Hawraa Zakery,              Shia Rights Activist    on December 23, 2013

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