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Shia News Wire # 82

August 26th to September 2nd/2016 Iraq Baghadad and Madaen continue to have the highest Shia fatality rate as 37 Shia were killed due to IED and 5 bodies found. The deadliest suicide bombing of the week killed 23 in Ain al- Tamur, a town 40 kilometers west of the city of Karbala on August …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in August, 2016

Shia Rights Watch_August 2016

Incidents of Anti-Shiism in August, 2016 This monthly report will analyze the data compiled on Shia deaths, injuries, and arrests that occurred between August 1st and 31st, 2016. This month there were 334 deaths, and 67 wounded in the Shia community. Also 47 to 50 cases of arrest were reported. …

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آب / أغسطس

1/8 مقتل وإصابة سبعة أشخاص بتفجير في منطقة السويب جنوب غربي بغداد: أفاد مصدر في وزارة الداخلية العراقية بأن سبعة أشخاص سقطوا بين قتيل وجريح بانفجار عبوة ناسفة، جنوب غربي بغداد. وقال المصدر إن عبوة ناسفة انفجرت بالقرب من علوة لبيع الأغنام في منطقة السويب، جنوب غربي بغداد، مما أسفرت …

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Shia News Wire # 81

August 20th to 26th Afghanistan, Shia Muslim continue facing anti-Shiism with no protection from the government.  A Shia cleric, Yonus Alawi, was got to death while returning from daily prayer at local mosque in Harat. According to local Afghan media sources Taliban beheaded a Hazara, Khair Mohammad, student of Faryab …

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Alarming Arrest of Shia Clerics: 47 arrested in 60 days

Shia Rights Watch is greatly saddened and disturbed at the alarming number of Shia clerics who are being unlawfully arrested in Bahrain. This blatant targeting of Shia religious leaders is unacceptable and unfounded. According to recent investigations as many as 47 Shia clerics have been arrested since June 20th, 2016. …

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