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Saudi Arabia Humanity Crime Against Shia

Throughout the past couple of years, Human Rights organizations have worked around the clock to assure innocent people’s rights. Nothing tops the amazing feeling of saving a life, restoring a right, and even being a guardian organization to protect innocent people’s rights and act as a voice for the voiceless. …

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Saudi Authorities Arrest Shia Human Rights Activist

SRW( Shia Rights Watch) – SRW condemns the detention of Kamel Abbas al-Ahmed. It is time that Saudi authorities recognize the Shia citizens and give them the minimum rights of expressing themself, experiencing freedom and the freesom of involvement in peaceful conversation. Kamel Abbas al-Ahmed is an engineer and the …

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Saudi Arrest Mohammad and Ali Alshamimy

Update: On Friday April, 20 Saudi authorities arrest Shia Scholar Al-Shamimy second son to Ali AlShamimy and took him to an unknown place. This come one week after Mohammad Al-Shamimy’s arrest. Mohammad was arrested previously in Bahrain and released after spending months in jail without being given any explanation from …

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