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Two Killed as Attacks to Shia Community Continue in Pakistan

According to activists, “unidentified armed men opened fire and killed man and woman belonging to Shia community in south western city of Quetta.” Muhammad Ismail was one of the two victims shot while riding his motorbike, and he is also one of the many victims targeted in a wave of …

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EGYPT, For the People or Against the People?

Shia rights watch- Egypt

While the history of Shia Muslims in Egypt is long and extensive, anti-Shiism is prevalent in this nation. Once called the forgotten minority, Shia Muslims in Egypt are lost amidst country’s political unrest. Shia numbers are always undermined in state-issued reports in aims of suppressing the population. Shia individuals that …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in May, 2017

May 2017 Monthly Analysis There were more than 128 deaths and over 50 injuries in the month of May. This month has also witnessed the first incident of direct violence against Shia in the nation of Madagascar. Anti-Shiism remains an urgent issue that needs to be addressed by the international …

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Al-Shahada, Iraq Bombing, 11 Killed, 41 Wounded

Following car bombing in Baghdad that killed around 17 people early on May 30th, a second blast occurred later that morning near the Al-Shahada Bridge. This explosion occurred during the morning rush hour in the area around the Public Pension Office and General Retirement Department in Baghdad. This attack killed …

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أيّار / مايو

 2/5 مركز البحرين: 21 حالة اعتقال تعسفيّ و37 مسيرة سلميّة في الأسبوع الأخير لشهر أبريل: قال مركز البحرين لحقوق الإنسان، إنّه رصد خلال الأسبوع الأخير لشهر أبريل/ نيسان الجاري، 21 حالة اعتقال تعسفيّ، من بينها 3 سيّدات، تمّ إطلاق سراح 3 منهم أخيرًا. المركز أوضح عبر حسابه على موقع التواصل …

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