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Peacekeeper and Violator Make a Deal to Kill ?!

Saudi Arabia Spending Millions of $ Buying Cluster Bombs. The world is full of surprises and some are scary, very scary. Three days ago Foreign Policy Magazine published one of the most terrifying deals. According to the Magazine Saudi Arabia is spending $640 million buying US made cluster bombs!!!! Saudi …

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Rationality Behind the Formula?

Last week I posted an article about my journey to finding a formula to Shia targeted killings. Since the formula is created by humans, then I would expect some sort of rationality behind it… so I began examining the history and also recent world activities. The rationalities I found are …

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So…. What is the Formula?

Working as a researcher that reads and writes about Shia Muslims’ oppressions 24/7 and having long background in Psychology and Education made me wonder about the existence of a formula to Shia targeted killings. Probably if we find the formula, we can predict the future and plan accordantly, to change …

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