Sha’ban, Another Opportunity to Kill Shia Muslims

carbomb1#Sha’ban is a month with many Shia ritual ceremonies and therefore it is another opportunity for anti-Shia terrorists to attack and kill Shia Muslims.

Yesterday series of bomb explosions claimed lives of many Shia Muslim in Baghdad. The bombs were to attack Shia pilgrims who visited Iraq on the 15th of Sha’ban for spiritual ceremonies. About 42 people were killed and dozens were injured due to the explosions.

Iraq is a visiting site for many Shia Muslims throughout the year because of its importance. There were bob explosions almost in every special occasion that Shia visit this country. Anti-Shia groups have attacked Shia communities for centuries. On average 23 Shia are killed every day since April 2013 in Iraq. Although bombings mostly target Shia, they have not stopped them visiting this country in especial occasion.

SRW highlights that Shia Muslims live in hormone with people of other religions therefore political conflicts should not result in killing peaceful innocent citizens. SRW invites all to stop violent and demand freedom through peaceful strategies.

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