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Shia News Wire # 78

July 29 th to August 5 th


Violence continues in Iraq as 13 Shia lost their lives this week with 12 wounded. Most of

the casuals were women in children who died in a bomb explosion while shopping in a



2 people lost their lives in a terrorist attacks this week. 5 people were wounded in

another incident when a group of pilgrims were attacked on their way to Iran-Mashad as

they passed through Balochistan.


On 2 August, a Bahraini court postponed activist Nabeel Rajab’s trial until 5 September

and denied his request for bail. Rajab’s defense team had requested his release over

concerns about his health, but the court denied the petition. On 4 August, a Bahraini

court arrested and sentenced 2 Shia clerics to 15 days for participating in peaceful

assembly in the neighborhood of Addar.

Saudi Arabia

The ESOHR documented the existence of 9 Shia minors that are threatened currently

on death row. They are: Ali al-Nimir, Abdullah alZaher, Dawood al-Marhoon, Hussein Ali

alBata, Saeed Mohammed alSkafi , Salman Amin al-Koraysh, Mojtaba alSuwaiket,

Abdullah Salman Al Surih, Hassan Abdul Wahab Al Jazer.

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