Shia Rights Watch Alerts the International Community of Ongoing Massacre in ‘Nobl’ and ‘al Zahra’

Shia Rights Watch warns both the international community and the Syrian government of imminent massacres in the two besieged villages ‘Nobl’ and ‘al Zahra’ in Allepo, Syria. 

The organization states that the so called Free Syrian Army and ‘Support Front’ [Jabhat al Nosrah] have been besieging the two villages since months, sniping at innocent citizens raising the number of casualties, allowing none either to enter the villages or get out of them, and moreover blocking all ways of food or medicine supplies. 

SRW raises alert of the worsening situation of the two villages. It also adds that the two villages are under missile, according to eyewitnesses by the takfiri sides especially ‘Support Front’ that has recently issued a release declaring Shia as infidel and thus it is willing to violate their lives. 

SRW calls the Syrian government as well as all of the Syrian opposition sides to immediately stop the imminent massacres. 

The organization holds responsibility of the savagery acts against citizens in Syria on the international society specially those states that are funding the military operations and fueling violence there. 

It also calls Security Council to immediately take action and stop the massacres and genocides targeting Shia Muslims everywhere.

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