Shia Rights Watch Condemns Sectarian Division against Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia

Couple days after Shia Rights Watch condemnation regarding the sectarian division against Shia Ismaili in Saudi Arabia, the king of Saudi Arabia ordered to closure of the “Awtan” TV Station. He also said that the TV station team should be held accountable for its actions, but Shia rights watch asks the government of Saudi to put end of these action by giving the rights to Shia in their country Law and treat the people in the kingdom equal. Also reminding them that equality and freedom is one of the first rules of human rights.

Shia Rights Watch condemns Sectarian Division against Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia

Shia Rights Watch condemns the statements of Dr. Mohammad Al Hijazi and Saad Al Sibr broadcast on the Saudi Arabia based ‘Awtan’ Channel on March 23, 2012.

The organization calls authorities in the country to put an end to the takfiri’s plots, describing them as still living back in the era of al khawarij without really taking into consideration the other’s feelings.

The release states that this group of takfiri is only busy in making sectarian divisions and sedition among Muslims.

Thousands of Shia Ismailis had gathered in the east province in Saudi Arabia, Al Sharqiya, calling to punish the channel’s team for broadcasting such dividing statements. The protestors announced their readiness to escalate and protest in the capital in al Riyadh for the same demands.

Fear that the authorities would practice oppression against the protestors in the name of keeping order and security remain.

Human Rights Watch calls for International human rights organizations and free people to stand up and support the Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia in obtaining their rights and demanding life in peace and stability in their homeland.

The organization also calls for more cooperation to stop the plots of takfiris, their extremists and media channels (especially in Saudi Arabia) that keep working on sectarian divisions.

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