Shia Rights Watch Condemns the Terrorist Attacks Against Shia in Iraq and Pakistan

Shia Rights Watch Condemns of the recent terrorist attacks that targeted hundreds of Shia civilians in Iraq and Pakistan. Several official sources confirmed, in both Iraq and Pakistan, that targets were hundreds of unarmed civilians including vulnerable children and elderly who gathered to celebrate Arbaeen. Arbaeen is one of the very important Shia celebrations.
Terrorist organizations associated with extremist groups in Saudi Arabia and Qatar declared adoption of such crimes pursuant to political agendas and allow the killing of militant religious In order to filter them intellectually and ideologically.
More than ten people died and more than forty wounded after car bombs explosion in Iraq and 19 Shia pilgrims were killed due to a car bomb explosion when their bus passed about thirty kilometers from Quetta, capital of Balochistan in Pakistan.
Therefore Shia Rights Watch calls on the international community for urgent action to work to stop funding and arming terrorist organizations in Iraq, Pakistan and some other Muslim countries.

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