Six Shia Muslim killed in Pakistan

Once again, Anti Shia terrorist take the life of six Shia in Pakistan.

The atrocity was merely responded by silence from authorities.

Shia rights watch condemn the attack and contacted the Pakistan ambassador Rehman, seeking an answer regarding the government silence toward Shia killing.

SRW also urged the ambassador to accept SRW recommendations in solving the issue.

The recent incident in Pakistan was a roadside bomb ripped through a passenger bus carrying Shia Muslim pilgrims in southwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing six people and wounding about a dozen.

Earlier security sources said that four people were killed by the attack, but Deputy commissioner Mastung confirmed the killings of only two people. As of now, informed sources  declare the death of six people.

The blast took place in the Mastung district, about 25 kilometres south of Quetta, the capital of insurgency-hit Balochistan province.

“The bus caught fire after the blast,” he said adding that initial reports said “at least two people were killed and about a dozen wounded”.

The injured, some of them in serious condition, have been taken to a hospital in Quetta.

According to Quetta authorities, the names of Shia who killed in blast include:

1.Saddiqa Bibi 42 years

2.Sakina 18 years

, 3.Hussain Ali 50 years

4.Jan Ali 28 years

5.Rajab Ali 13 years

6.Neroz Ali 28 years.

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