So…. What is the Formula?

Working as a researcher that reads and writes about Shia Muslims’ oppressions 24/7 and having long background in Psychology and Education made me wonder about the existence of a formula to Shia targeted killings. Probably if we find the formula, we can predict the future and plan accordantly, to change the world to a better place!!!! maybe?

So one formula could be: “Kill Minorities and the world will be a better place” . Majorities do not like minorities so they kill them, Rights?


In Iraq Shia are majority and are being killed to create instability and weaken the government,

In Bahrain Shia are majority and are being killed because the government does not feel they should be entitled any rights,

Another formula could be: “Kill minorities because they are threat to security”. So maybe Shia minorities threaten the security of the majority therefore they are being killed, Right?

WRONG again,

In Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia Shia have always lived in peace with the rest of the society, yet the governments cannot stand them.

Seems like it is not even the matter of minority or majority!?

Because in some parts of the Pakistan Shia are majority and in some other parts they are minority, and they are being killed in all parts of the country.

In Syria Shia Muslims are minority and the government is Alawi yet they are being killed for many reason. Some kill Shia to take revenge from the Alawi government, some kill Shia because they were told Shia are infidels and it is an honor to kill them, some others kill Shia because it’s fun, and some kill them hopping there would be no more Shia to stand up for their rights and say no to their oppressors. In fact the story of Shia in Syria is one of the scariest so far. There, Shia are not just dying in car bombs, they are slaughtered, in some cases in front of each other just to add some flavor of torture to it. However there are many more deaths in Iraq where there is a democratic government in place. Death toll in Iraq rose 4000 since January 2013. Sadly the victims are always random civilians. Many of them killed while shopping or attending rituals.

After hours of thinking and analyzing I realized there is a formula….however it is the most unfair one. I figure the formula is “kill Shia Muslims and don’t look for reason”…..

To me that is a very barbarian and inhumane formula.

I wake up every morning with the hope to replace the formula…….Any suggestions?

By Hawraa, a Human Rights Activist and Specialist on August 1, 2013.

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