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The Bahrain Uprising, Seven Years Later

The Bahrain Uprising, Seven Years Later In 2011, Bahraini citizens joined the regional fight for freedom. Thousands of Bahraini nationals came together, protesting the nations unequal distributions of jobs, housing, and political power. They asked for a new constitution that would allow people to be more involved in their nation-state. …

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2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report   2018 marks the 7th anniversary of Shia Rights Watch. Over the past seven years, our organization and our team have grown from a Washington, DC-based minority rights group to an internationally renowned institution active in both the United Nations and the International community. Our qualitative and …

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Muharram 2017 Advisory

Muharram Advisory Dear Fellow Shia Muslims, As a human rights NGO dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of Shia Muslims globally, we are writing to bring to your attention the veneration and importance of practicing safety in your community in the month of Muharram. Since Muharram is the time Shia …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش تدين العمل الإرهابي الذي طال مصلي كابول

مرة أخرى تمتد يد التكفير الاعمى لتطال المدنيين العزل في أفغانستان، وسط عجز حكومي يثير الاستياء، ونهج مستمر متجسد باستهداف المسلمين الشيعة في تلك الدولة. اذ سقط العشرات من المؤمنين اثناء مشاركتهم صلاة الجمعة في مسجد منطقة قلا النجارة وسط العاصمة الأفغانية كابول، بعد تعرضهم الى هجمة إرهابية غاشمة يدفعها …

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Bi-Annual Anti-Shiism Report

Shia Rights Watch_AntiShiism

Intro The first half of 2017 has been a turbulent time for Shia Muslims all over the world. Anti-Shiism, or the active targeting of Shia Muslim to limit their visibility and expression, was prevalent in across the globe. Shia Muslims, including their sub groups, make up approximately 50% of the …

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Rising Tide

The Shia Rights Watch report entitled “Rising Tide” is 18 pages, detailing incidents of violence and intimidation against Pakistani Shia Muslims between 2012 and 2016.The report gives a detailed account of how this already oppressed group has been marginalized further in recent years through systematic violence and lack of protection. At …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism in JUNE, 2017

June 2017 Anti-Shiism Across the Middle East As anti-Shiism runs high, over 133 were killed in the month of June. New this month are attacks on Iranian soil and a death sentence given by social media posting in Pakistan. A compilation of news from on the grounds sources and major …

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