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Bahrain poloce take another Shia citizen life

The 27-year-old woman, identified as Zahra Saleh, was injured in the forehead by an iron rod hurled by Saudi-backed Bahraini troops during an anti-regime protest in the village of Daih on November 18. The young protester, who had been hospitalized with serious injuries, died early on Wednesday. Some reports suggest …

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Another Shia child dies on universal children’s day

A day before the Universal children’s day, 19 November 2011, Ali Yousif Baddah, of 16 years, was purposely run over by Bahrain security force while suppressing a peaceful protest in Juffair[5] . MOI confirmed the cause of death[6] . Photos of Ali after being hit are very graphics due to …

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Elderly Shia ‘beaten to death’ by Bahraini police

The Shia group Al-Wefaq declares the death of one of its prominent leaders after a police force attack, one of many aggressions committed by the Sunni regime against the opposition Shiite. The elderly father of the second in command of Bahrain‘s largest Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq died of his injuries …

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Bahraini woman doctor tells of jail abuse

A Bahraini female doctor has detailed the humiliations and beatings she suffered after being arrested on suspicion of supporting anti-government protests. Roula al-Saffar says her interrogators tried to force her and other medical staff to confess to plotting to overthrow the Manama regime. Saffar said that she was tortured by …

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Bahrain: 21 Shia freedom seekers in sentence

Once again, Shia are discriminated against due to their freedom seeking spirits and faith. The Arab Spring has concluded to an unfortunate court hearing which resulted in heart breaking news for family, friends, neighbors, and millions of Shia around the world. This event has been covered by hundreds of media …

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Pakistani police torturing prisoners in Bahrain Jails

The Bahraini Center for Human Rights has expressed grave concerns about the increased use of torture against the political detainees in the country. There is no doubt about the government’s official supervision over the torture. Even some members of the ruling family personally take part in torturing detainees. Now it …

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Ruling Sunnis in Bahrain detain Shiite teachers and students

MANAMA, Bahrain — Empowered by a six-week-old state of emergency, the Sunni minority government of Bahrain has arrested scores of Shiite women teachers and schoolgirls, held them for days in prison and subjected them to physical and verbal abuse, according to victims, human rights advocates and a former member of …

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Our first official memorandum

Shia Rights Watch, an Ani-Violence humanitarian Organization, headquarter in Washington D.C, will announce its first official memorandum on the birth day of The twelfth Shia Imam, ‘MAHDI, may Allah bestow his reappearance upon us,’ and devote that to Men of religion, priests and men and women of faith, because they …

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