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Shia News Wire_#12

November 7, 2015 Optimism over proposed Indonesian legislation There are currently plans to draft legislation to protect persecuted minorities in Indonesia. Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs Lukmen Hakim Saifuddi told local news sources of his office’s plan to draft this legislation. This piece of legislation would address the rising wave …

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Shia News Wire_#10

October 27, 2014 Shia Targeted in Iraq Shia Rights Watch condemns the latest wave of violence carried out by ISIS militants in Iraq in the last two weeks. Bombings centered on Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad have killed around 150 people between October 12 and October 19. The deadliest of the …

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Shia News Wire_#8

October 02, 2014 Briefing “Understanding the ISIS Threat” by SRW and MPAC  Shia Rights Watch and Muslim Public Affairs Council successfully had their briefing on ISIS and its threat on the Capitol Hill on Monday the 29th. The briefing focused on U.S policy to degrade and defeat ISIS including the …

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Shia News Wire_#7

September 17, 2014 ISIS Demands Capital of Shia and Christian in Mosul ISIS announced all businessmen in Mosul must turn in any properties and capital that belongs to Shia and Christians immediately. Local Sunni businessmen reported they have been threatened that their found and capital will be seized if they …

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Shia News Wire_#3

August 1, 2014 Shia Islamic Center Closed in Iran Beyt al-Abbas Center, a Shia Islamic center in Isfahan, Iran was forced to shut down by authorities in mid July. Authorities ceased operation of the center during the Ramadhan Iftar, claiming the center lacks licensure to operate. Members of the center …

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Shia News Wire_#1

07/11/2014 ISIS Destroys Mosques and Shrines in Iraq ISIS destroys tens of Shia Mosques and Shrines as they continue to instill fear in Iraq. Particularly in the northern Nineveh province, ISIS has destroyed six Shia mosques as well as four shrines. SRW believes UNESCO must act fast as most of …

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