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Police kills 3 Shia in 24 Hours in Eastern Saudi Arabia

Saudi security forces shot and killed three Shia freedom seekers and six others wounded, when they opened fire on a march in the oil-producing Eastern Province, home to a large Shia minority.  21-year-old Muneer al-Meedani died from a bullet in the chest fired by police while dispersing demonstrators in the center …

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Saudi Closed Largest Shia Mosque in Al-Ahsa

Shia Rights Watch condemns the closure of the largest Shia mosque in Al-Ahsa, one of the Shia city in Saudi Arabia and ask the government to know that the continuing the discrimination might bring unrest to the country. It is the Shia’s right to practice peaceful programs in the month of …

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Saudi Security Forces Killed two Shia in Qatif

Ali Agrairees and Muneeb Aladnan are two Shia killed by Saudi security forces on Wednesday evening 11-23-2011. Security forces intruded the funeral of the two Shia killed this week and raises the death toll to four in Eastern Province since Sunday. An activist said: “Everything was fine until the body arrived, …

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Ones Again Saudi Forces Took another Shia Life!

Another Shia died by a police shot on Monday night amid the crackdown in Qatif, which increased the death toll to two Shia within 24 hours. Sources confirmed to Rasid that Ali al-Felfel, 20-year old, received a direct bullet in the chest. The victim, from Shwaika neighborhood, was taken immediately after …

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Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Arrested the Shia Citizen

Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Arrested the Shia Citizen Abdullah Mohammad al-Mabyouq According to information received by the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in the Arabian Peninsula ( CDHRAP ), the Saudi authorities arrested on 9 July 2011, the Shia citizen (Abdullah Mohammad al-Mabyouq from al-Qatif of the Eastern Province …

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