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Shia News Wire # 71

June 10th to 17th/ 2016 In the past week, over 50 lives were lost in the nations of Iraq and Syria in series of attacks targeting areas dense with Shia Muslim. Iraq In Iraq, Baghdad topped the charts yet again with over 50% of the total casualties. On average, there …

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Shia Weekly News #45

Pakistan On Friday December 11th Punjab police arrested three members of Laskar-e-Jhangvi in connection with the shooting death of a Shia army officer in Lahore. Captain Ahmed Raza was shot and killed six months ago by what was believed to be his guard their accomplices. A man by the name …

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Shia Weekly News #40

Bahrain In Bahrain the disregard for the rule of law by the Al-Khalifa regime continues as a Bahraini court revoked the citizenship of five Shia Muslims under charges of spying for Iran on November 5th. Officially the Bahraini court charged them with “spying for and seeking with Iran and its …

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