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On-Going Violations in Bahrain

Although media decided to ignore the human rights violations in Bahrain, it has not stopped. Al-Wefaq human rights organization reports increasing number of raids, arrests, tortures and confiscations and destruction of personal properties by Bahraini official forces. The organization highlighted some of the human right violations in July 8th and …

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May 2013 in Bahrain

The Department of Freedom and Human Rights of the Wefaq National Islamic society located in Bahrain reports 240 civilians arrest in May 2013. According to the organization Bahraini government carried out more than 291 rides to civilians’ homes, usually at late night hours. Most rides involved some kind of sexual …

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Extremists as Representatives of Their Government

Top Wahabbi cleric supports al-Qaradawi’s call for “Jihad” in Syria. It is important that the reader understands that the term jihad refers to a religious obligation to kill. Arabic Elaph.com news agency reports that Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, the top cleric of Saudi Arabia and head …

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Arming the Rebels, or not Arming the Rebels?

As human rights violations and war crimes increase in Syria by governments’ forces, foreigner and rebels it is critical to take wise decisions in regard of arming any group. Any assistance that would potentially add to the violations must be studied first. Not long ago The UN Commission of Inquiry …

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Spotlight, Special Edition

Spotlight is the only and first human rights report that looks at all countries with most Shia Muslim rights violations at once. This one of a kind Spotlight report summarizes Shia Muslim rights violations in eight countries with the most violations. The report reflects extensive investigative work that SRW staff …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش تدين قيام النظام السعودي باعدام 40 عراقيا دون محاكمة وتطالب بتحقيق دولي

تدين منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش استخفاف النظام السعودي بارواح المعتقلين العراقيين في سجونها، وارتكابها جريمة تصفية ارواح عشرات المواطنين الشيعة بدم بارد، في محاكمة صورية تفتقر الى ادنى معايير المحاكمة العادلة. وتدعو المنظمة المجلس الدولي لحقوق الانسان الى التحرك السريع لكشف ملابسات تلك الجريمة عبر اجراء تحقيق شفاف وعادل يهدف …

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Embassy of the State of Qatar

Embassy of the State of Qatar The Honorable Mohamed Bin Abdulla Al-Rumaihi   Embassy of the State of Qatar 2555 M Street, NW, Washington DC 20037   Dear Mohamed Bin Abdulla Al-Rumaihi   At Shia Rights Watch (SRW), we, researchers, activists, and human rights defenders, who are following human rights …

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Shia rights violation By Yousef Al-Qaradawi

Shia Rights Watch would like to thank The Telegraph news agency for their article on June 2nd, 2013 covering the Shia rights violation by the Muslim Brotherhood’s cleric. As the article explains, Yusef al-Qaradawi, one of the well-known Egyptian clerics based in Qatar, called for “Jihad” in Syria in his …

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Pakistan; Untold Stories

The anti-Shia groups have repeatedly carried our discriminatory attacks to Shia communities, individuals, and professionals. The attacks are serious violations to the international and Pakistan’s domestic laws. The Pakistani government has not investigated the violations and people responsible for the attacks have never been punished. The 28-page report” Pakistan; Untold …

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