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Pakistani police torturing prisoners in Bahrain Jails

The Bahraini Center for Human Rights has expressed grave concerns about the increased use of torture against the political detainees in the country. There is no doubt about the government’s official supervision over the torture. Even some members of the ruling family personally take part in torturing detainees. Now it …

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Ruling Sunnis in Bahrain detain Shiite teachers and students

MANAMA, Bahrain — Empowered by a six-week-old state of emergency, the Sunni minority government of Bahrain has arrested scores of Shiite women teachers and schoolgirls, held them for days in prison and subjected them to physical and verbal abuse, according to victims, human rights advocates and a former member of …

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Our first official memorandum

Shia Rights Watch, an Ani-Violence humanitarian Organization, headquarter in Washington D.C, will announce its first official memorandum on the birth day of The twelfth Shia Imam, ‘MAHDI, may Allah bestow his reappearance upon us,’ and devote that to Men of religion, priests and men and women of faith, because they …

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Majid Ahmed Mohammed Martyred in Bahraini

The martyrdom of 30-year-old protester Majid Ahmed Mohammed brings to 38 the number of those martyred since February, when Bahrain‘s Shia — inspired by uprisings elsewhere in the Middle East — started a campaign to end the Sunni minority’s hold on power. Four people have martyred in custody. Riot police …

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43 mosques, ma’atem demolished: Bahrain official tally shows

PARIS, France: McClatchy Newspapers reported that Bahraini government demolished or seriously damaged 43 Shiite Muslim mosques or religious structures during its crackdown on anti-government demonstrations, according to an official tally compiled by the state-supported endowment that oversees Shiite sacred buildings. Twenty-eight mosques were completely leveled, of which 10 had been …

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Shia women sexually assulted

One Bahraini’s story Fatima Khawaji who is a Bahraini Citizen, shares her heart braking story with the world. After returning from one of the recent protests against the monarchy kingdom of Bahrain, dozens of men who were heavily armed and she noticed were Saudi forces joined by Bahraini forces, forcefully …

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Shia activists tortured in Bahrain jails

A Bahraini human rights campaigner says political activists detained by the Manama regime undergo torture in the prisons of the small Persian Gulf kingdom. In an interview with Press TV, Maryam al-Khawaja of Bahrain‘s human rights center called on the Bahraini authorities to stop their crackdown on anti-government protesters and …

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