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بیانیه سازمان جهانی دیدبان حقوق شیعیان درباره فاجعه اسفناک قطیف

در پی حمله ی خونبار تکفیری ها به مسجد امام علی علیه السلام در شهر القدیحِ استان قطیف، سازمان جهانی دیدبان حقوق شیعیان در بیانیه ی مهمی ضمن محکوم نمودن این فاجعه انسانی، نسبت به پیامدهای اعمال سیاست های مستمر تبعیض مذهبی در تعامل با طبقات گوناگون موجود در عربستان …

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Shia News Wire_#21

Dammam_Saudi Arabia

Second Attack to Shia Mosque at Friday Prayer in Saudi Arabia May 29th, 2015 One week after the deadly suicide bombing in Qatif that left 21 people dead, including two children, an alleged suicide attack has struck outside a Shia mosque in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia, during Friday prayers on 29 …

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Iraq discovered Mass Grave in Tikrit

Iraq Mass grave

On Thursday May 28th, Iraqi officials from the Ministry of Health announced that they have exhumed over 470 bodies from a mass grave. This mass grave was found in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, which was previously held by ISIS. Bodies found in this grave are believed to be victims …

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Hussein Conference

Shia Rights Watch was proud to have presence in the conference of Imam Hussein this year in Chicago, the conference was organized by the Universal Muslim Association of America, which hold the largest Shia event in northern America. This three day conference was organized to present the message of peace …

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شيعة رايتس ووتش: تفجيرات القديح انعكاس طبيعي لسياسة التكفير والتمييز

في اكثر من مناسبة وبيان حذرت منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش الدولية النظام الحاكم للملكة السعودية من مغبة الاستمرار في السياسات العنصرية والطائفية المنتهجة في التعامل مع المجتمعات داخل السعودية، سيما النهج المتبع ازاء الاقليات الدينية المتمثلة بالمسلمين الشيعة. اذ كرس النظام السعودي من خلال ممارساته المخالفة للقانون العديد من الظواهر …

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Shia News Wire_#20

Attack to Shia Mosque in Saudi Arabia on Friday Prayer An alleged suicide  bomber has detonated explosives in a Shia mosque in Shia populated area of Qatif claimed 22 lives and injured many today. A suicide bomb exploded inside the mosque as Shia Muslims celebrated birth anniversary of their 3rd Imam and …

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Bus Carrying Shia Ismaili Attacked in Pakistan

In an attack to a bus carrying about 70 Shia Ismaili passengers tens were killed and more than ten seriously wounded in Pakistan. Ismaili National Council, a community group that represents the Ismaili branch of Shia in Pakistan, placed the toll at least 41 killed but some sources reported up …

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Sheikh al- Nimr Scheduled for Death Sentence Again!

Shia Rights Watch is concerned about Sheikh Nimr al Nimr as this organization was informed Saudi authorities have prevented his family and friends from visiting him. According Sheikh’s inner circle, family and friends can no longer visit him.  Same sources informed SRW that the fear of implementing death sentence is …

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