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Closure of Shia Satellite Chanel Offices in Iran

SRW condemns the closure of the Shia satellite channel offices in Iran and arbitrary arrest of their employees. As Iranian secret services has increased arrests, attacks, prosecutions, intimidations and government-backed raids against media professional and media organizations under the supervision of a popular Shia scholar, Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi, status of …

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Wahhabis Defend Israel against Shia

While Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting in Gaza since the Israeli occupation began in 1967 and Gaza has been under military siege since 2006, lack of interest from Wahabbi funded neighboring governments left Palestinians without active diplomatic and political support resulting in the deaths of thousands Gazan’s and hundreds …

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Four Shia Killed in Karachi, Pakistan

More Shia Muslims killed as Shia targeted killings continue in Pakistan. On Wednesday, July 23rd, four Shia were killed in Karachi. Mubarak Raza Kazmi, a Shia lawyer, was shot and killed. Also Huma Hussain, a Shia woman, was killed. The attackers also injured her husband Bilal Hussain. According to some …

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Baghdad suicide bombing kills at least 26

26 were killed and 33 were wounded in a car bomb at a Kadhimiyah entrance checkpoint. A car exploded overnight in the Shia populated area of Kadhimiyah, the site of shrine of Imam Kazim. The car explosion was said to be carried out by one named Abu Abdul-Rahman al Tunisi …

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آب / أغسطس

18/8 حملة منظمة تستهدف قيادات الشيعة: شن ما يسمى (ائتلاف الدفاع عن الصحب وآل البيت)، حملة شرسة لمهاجمة قيادات المسلمين الشيعة في الداخل، وكشف (الطاهر الهاشمي) عن تلقيه تهديدا يدعوه الى الكف عن الدعوة، وإلا سيكون مصيره مثل مصير شهيد المذهب الشيخ (حسن شحاتة)، فيما قال السلفي (وليد إسماعيل)، القيادي …

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سازمان جهانی دیدبان حقوق شیعیان: سکوت در برابر ویرانی بقیع، زمینه ساز ویرانی دیگر اماکن مقدس است

سازمان جهانی دیدبان حقوق شیعیان در بیانیه ای، همزمان با ایام تخریب قبور ائمه اطهار علیهم السلام در بقیع الغرقد، این فاجعه اسفناک تاریخ اسلام را تسلیت گفت. در این بیانیه تأکید شده است: سکوت جامعه ی جهانی نسبت به اقدام گروه های افراطی در تخریب و ویرانی مراقد بقیع، …

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