“Thank You” Letter to NY Times

“Thank You” Letter to NY Times

Shia Rights Watch would like to thank The New York Times for their article published by Yasir Ghazi on June 18th concerning a suicide bombing in Baghdad. As human rights violations against Shia Muslims are increasing worldwide, especially in the Middle East, it is critical that news agencies report ethically on the issues, investigate the roots of the problems, and share this information with the public.

The bombing at the Shia mosque in Baghdad is yet another example of the growing sectarian violence that threatens the lives of innocent Shia Muslims. These types of attacks have been on the rise in recent months and Iraq is now facing its deadliest period since 2008, when sectarian violence was at its peak. The targeted killings of Shia Muslims in Iraq must be stopped.

As such, Shia Rights Watch appreciates The New York Times’ commitment to spreading awareness of this issue. The agency’s decision to cover such news is proof of its ethical practice and adds to the credibility of the publication.


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