The Sky’s the Limit

This phrase used to be a phrase to encourage for development and success, to break the cycles of limitations and shoot high.


To some, when it comes to courage to hurt, kill, harm, and hate, the sky’s the limit. In past violations and hate crimes was limited to killing and hitting. However as we develop and improve, crimes change their appearances too.

As a researcher is a human rights field I witnessed crimes change; social media, YouTube and apps are new tools for increasing trend of human rights violation.

Most recently Shia Rights Watch was informed of number of iPhone and iPad apps with misleading names. The users downloaded them assuming these apps are to teach about Shia faith however they found many hate messages toward Shia Muslims in them. The apps encourage for hatred and call Shia infidels. Unfortunately most of such apps are in Arabic, the language that many app developers and stores are not knowledgeable about.

SRW contacted Apple and inform them that such apps violate app development guidelines and human rights. They wrote back with promise to study the cases and delete them.

I wish we could still use the phrase to make big wishes and dream big……. It could be possible…. only if human rights violators were “human”….

By Hawraa Zakery, Human Rights Researcher               on December 6th, 2013

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