115 Syrian Shias were killed in Terrorist Attacks

According to local reports, more than 115 Shias have been killed across Syria in the past few months. Assailants have destroyed and set ablaze dozens of Shia-owned homes and businesses. The violence has forced many families to flee the area and seek refuge elsewhere. The opposition and Western countries accuse …

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Updates on Shia Rights Violations in Syria

Syria is among the number countries whose unrest aimed initially to gain peace and freedom yet transformed to a war against Shia Muslims. Many Shia Muslims were kidnapped, tortured and abused by terrorist groups. Shia Rights Watch aims to inform the FSA and Syrian government about the unfair and inhumane …

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Attack on Sayedah Zaynab ShrineKilled 7 Shia Muslim

Shia Rights watch (SRW), strongly condemns the attack near Shrine of Sayedah Zainab on October 31, 2012. The attack killed more than 7 Shia Muslims, including women and children. Shia rights watch previously asked  both sides of the war in Syria to stop the violence against  minorities. There are many …

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