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Akseer Hussain Killed in Kohat

Wednesday, 07 May

 A shia Muslim guard at the Health Ways Medical Centre in Kohat was shot and killed. Kohat is in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province where many Shia have been reported killed by anti-Shia groups.

Ishtiaq Hussain Killed in Kohat

Thursday, 08 May

Ishtiaq Hussain, a Shia influential figure was killed in Karachi. A gunman opened fire on his car and killed him on spot.

Khurram Abbas Killed in Terrorist Attack in Dera Ismail Khan

Monday, 12 May

Khurram Abbas, a Shia Muslim was killed near Gomal Medical College. Trrorists opened fire upon him and killed him on spot.

A Shia Killed and Another Injured in Peshawar

Monday, 12 May

Anti-Shia groups shot a Shia Muslim and injured another in a targeted attack in Peshawar, capital of Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa. Sardar Ashraf Ali died and Sardar Abid Ali sustained critical injuries due to gunshot.

Navy officer Killed in Targeted Attack in Karachi

Monday, 12 May

A motorcycle rider opened fire on Ghulam Akbar Ali, a Shi Pakistani Navy officer. He latter dies while being transported to hospital.

Two Shia Muslims Shot while playing Sport

Tuesday, 13

Gauhar Ali Abidi, 28, and Khursheed Rizvi, 30, were shot by a motorcycle rider while playing Sector in North Karachi. Ali and Rizvi were taken to the Abbasi hospital, where both died due to their injuries.

A Shia Teacher Killed in Hangu

Tuesday, 13 May

A Shia teacher shot in Hangu district of Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK) province. Terrorists opened fire upon teachers Liaquat Ali near Government High School. He was taken to hospital where he died.

10th Anniversary of Shia Killing of Masjid-e-Haideri in 2004

Wednesday, 07 May

Shia community commemorated the anniversary of Shia killing on May7th, 2004. Ten years ago 45 Shia Muslims were killed due to a suicidal bomb in Masjid-e-Haideri (Haideri mosque). Shia Muslims were performing Friday prayers at Masjid Haideri situated in Sindh Madressa tul Islam when a bomb exploded and killed 45 people. The authorities failed to investigate the explosion and therefore the community gathers every year to honor the killed and also remind the government that Shia community are targeted every day and they need protection.

Hooray for the Mothers of Activists!

motherAs Mother’s Day (May 11) draws closer and closer, Shia Rights Watch (SRW) would like to express its appreciation to all mothers of activists who have raised generations of peacemakers.

An Arabic-language channel’s recent interview of with the mother of a Saudi fighter in Syria brought hidden emotions and pain to the surface. Her son went there to kill; his mother’s heart has collapsed with worry that she might never see him again. In the interview, the fighter blamed Arifi, an anti-Shia Saudi preacher and famous human rights violation enabler, for his decision to go to Syria to fight. Arifi in response to the interview made fun of the mother’s pain and disgraced her, in his TV show, because she is a “woman”. The interview resulted in the creation of a Twitter campaign by Saudi youth demanding an apology from Arifi to the fighter’s mother. (Watch Here)

This story reminds us that every day millions of mothers around the world cope with rapidly beating hearts and eyes full of tears, while at the same time raising their hands in prayer for the safe return of their children from the battlefield. Some are fighting as terrorists; others are fighting as peacemakers. But in both cases their mothers are suffering, praying and waiting for them to come home …

We, as a human rights organization, admire those mothers who taught their children to be brave and to advocate for human rights and dignity.

Many women defend humanity in their capacity as wives, sisters, and daughters. Recent human rights violations toward Shia minorities have encouraged many of them to join activist circles. Women in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and elsewhere are in the front line of human rights advocacy. All of them cause our hearts to swell with pride.

The staff, activists, journalists, writers, and volunteers at SRW would like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to their own mothers and to the mothers of all peaceful protestors who chose to stand up for human rights for every person.

Let’s make all mothers proud by returning peace to its proper place in our lives.

Happy Mothers Day

(pic by yoall.us)

By Hawraa…..Shia Rights Activist at SRW

Our Nonlethal Assistances Raise Lethal Fighters in Syria

On May 5th, 2014 International New York Times reported that “the Obama administration on Monday granted the group diplomatic status and pledged an additional $27 million in nonlethal assistance” bringing total assistance to about $287million so far. The non-lethal aid is going to include medical aid food rations, communications equipment and vehicles.

The decision is announced when an estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes many of which are seeking asylum in Europe and US or live in refugee camps in neighboring countries.

Opposition groups, who chose to fights and endanger themselves, now enjoy the benefits of the diplomatic status while Syrian civilians who involuntarily are paying a high price of war in their country live in refugee camps. Some children died during passed winter in camps due to cold and many others suffer from lack of nutrition. And most importantly insecurity is a threat to the mental and physical health to all Syrian families.

Furthermore the US officials stated the decision of granting $27 million is to “assist moderate opposition groups in Syria”, yet the officials do not explain how did they conclude that Syrian National Coalition (SNC) that is receiving such aid is actually a moderate group?

Is there any moderate group left in Syria? According to UN, SRW and many other research and news entities all groups in Syria are killing and they have used chemical weapons. Who are these moderate groups and how are they helping the situation in Syria that they deserve $287 million of our tax money?

Thankfully this administration is helping only in “nonlethal” assistance. But doesn’t that mean we are helping fighters have better food, better communicating and transportation methods and even diplomatic safety? As a result those fighters are stronger, healthier, and more comfortable killers? Correct?

In theory helping with food and cars is nonlethal assistance but in reality stronger killers are lethal and therefore our nonlethal assistance in resulting is stronger lethal fighters…. And that is against American values…

by Hawraa, A Shia Rights Advocate                                     on May 6th, 2014

Anti-Shia Alliance

The “Anti-Shia Alliance” in Indonesia has attracted attention from news agencies and raised serious concerns among human rights NGOs over Shia rights in Indonesia following their first anti-Shia rally on Sunday. According to reporters many Indonesians attended an anti-Shia rally on Sunday at the Al Fajr mosque in the West Java capital of Bandung, where an anti-Shia declaration was announced. The declaration called for the official ban of Shia Islam among other things. What has not been reported is that this “alliance” was organized immediately after it was revealed that Jalaluddin Rakhmat, a prominent Shia scholar and professor at Paramadina University, was being considered for appointment as Minister of Religious Affairs.

Two days before the announcement of the “Anti-Shia Alliance,” Shia groups in West Java contacted local authorities and expressed their concern about growing anti-Shiism, but the governor did not take any action. While the alliance spread fear in the Shia community and exacerbated the threat of human rights violations in Indonesia, it must me stressed that the creation of the anti-Shia Alliance was orchestrated by politicians for political interests. Indonesian activists reported to SRW that the gathering that took place on Sunday was a direct reaction to the potential appointment of a Shia Muslim to a key government position.

Shia Rights Watch believes that all citizens have the right to participate in their government and advocates for all citizens to use their democratic rights to promote peace, harmony and cooperation without regard to race, ethnicity or religion. Further, SRW advises Indonesian politicians to refrain from using religious differences to spread hatred among people for political gain. We also invite Indonesians, from all backgrounds and with all religious affiliations, to boycott discriminatory groups and events. “Collectively, we can end human rights violations and discrimination in all nations through the overwhelming power of peace. Every citizen should participate in spreading the message of peace and cooperation in their own cities, towns and neighborhoods,” said SRW director Mustafa Akhwand.

Historically, Indonesians from all faiths have lived in peace, and Indonesia has been known for its diversity. However, during the last decade, anti-Shia movements have created an atmosphere of fear in the Shia community in Indonesian. As SRW reported in its Shia Ethnic Cleansing in Indonesia publication, many Shia Muslims have been attacked and lost their homes in 2012. Their battle to return to their homes continues.

Fomenting alliances against others based on their faith is illegal and must be addressed by the Indonesian government. Indonesia now has about 4.5 million Shia and they deserve to have their right to live in peace with others protected and recognized by their government.

Saudi Public are Catching Up… Asking Arifi to Apologize to a Woman

Arabic news agencies and MBC TV channel broadcasted an interview with the mother of a Saudi fighter in Syria. The program condemned the hate speech of the Arifi and others like him who encourage young men to go to Syria to fight.

Muhammad Arifi is a Wahhabi preacher who uses his fame and influence to encourage young men to go to Syria to participate in Jihad. Arifi is known to be a motivator of much sectarian bloodshed in Syria. In response to the Mother’s interview, Arifi, on his TV show, accused the mother of “acting” and being paid to cry for the recording. He furthermore, disgraced the mother as a woman The mother stated that she tried contacting Arifi many times but he never responded.

The young man, Muhammad, who managed to return to Arabia, said “there are many Saudi fighters in Syria, they drink alcohol, slaughter people and steal money,” and “that is why I decided to come back”. He continued, ”preachers are the reason: If it wasn’t for the Arifi and other preachers I would never go to Syria to kill.”

Social media activists created a #العریفی یستهز بدمعه اممحمد and demanded Arifi to apologize to the mother and be punished for his actions.

After years of Shia Rights Watch urging the public and governments to take action to charge Arifi for his illegal hate speech, now another powerful group, civilians, are demanding punishment for Mohammad Arifi.

Muhamamd Arifi and other Wahhabi preachers must be held responsible for their inhumane and hateful speeches. Enablers like him are responsible for the bloodshed of many minorities in Syria and elsewhere, says SRW.

Searchسعوديعادمنحربسوريايعترف: الدعاةهمالسببto watch the interview in Arabic.

Shia Rights Violations in Pakistan, APRIL 23rd to 29th 2014

Terrorists, known to belong to Sipah-e-Sahaba group, burst into Nusrat Bhutto Colony in North Nazimabad where they gunned down Aijaz Hussain. Aijaz died on the spot.
Tuesday, 29 April
Anti-Shia terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba killed a Shia Muslim and kidnapped another in Dera Ismail Khan District of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province. They burst into Sha Daon Village in Dera Ismail Khan where they shot Nazar Abbas and took Mehram Ali hostage.
On April 25th and in reaction to the targeted killings Shia Muslims of various ages and and from various groups staged a rally and sit-in on Shahrah-e-Pakistan near Super Highway to protest against the targeted killing of Shia Muslims.
“Stop Shia genocide,” “Death to Terrorists,” Down with terrorism” were the slogans on signs carried by the protestors who marched from Masjid-e-Khair ul Amal to Shahrah-e-Pakistan.
They staged a sit-in on the main road blocking traffic leading to superhighway to pressure the government to take real action and address the targeted killing of Shia Muslims.
Also on April 28th Shia Muslims staged a demonstration outside Karachi Press Club on Sunday to protest against the targeted killings in Karachi and in other parts of the country.
Women and children also participated in the widely attended protest held under the aegis of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e- Muslimeen.
The Pakistani government has taken no action to prevent ongoing human rights violations in this country. Instead the government makes deals with terrorist groups and arranges “peace talks.” Anti-Shia terrorist groups continue killing Shias during the peace talks, and there is no sign that the government or the terrorist groups, mean any change in the society nor that is concerning the protection of the Shia minority.


AlGhadeer_Shia-attack-in-YemenIn an attack on the Alghadir Library in Sanaa, Yemen, two Shia Muslims were killed today.

A number of gunmen broke into the Alghadir library located in West Sanaa Monday at 1:00 p.m. local time and shot two young librarians, Amin al-Matadry and Mujahid al- Matary. The gunmen ran away when neighbors rushed to the scene after hearing gun shots. Amin died on the spot and his cousin Mujahid was rushed to the local hospital where he received emergency medical care. However, despite the best efforts of the medical team, Mujahid died due to severe injury.

Alghadir Library is known to be a specialty library that publishes and sells Shia-related books and scholarly articles. The attack increased fear in the Shia community in Yemen as it is thought to be a targeted killing. SRW is concerned for the security of the Shia Muslim population of Yemen. A SRW representative in Yemen reports that the many Shia residents of Yemen who are peaceful and who have no political affiliation, live in fear and insecurity. This organization urges local authorities in Sanaa to investigate the attack immediately and protect all citizens form human rights violations.

Shia Rights Violations in Pakistan, APRIL 16TH TO 22nd

Shia Rights Violations in Pakistan, APRIL 16TH TO 22nd
Threat to Shia of the in Peshawar Neighborhood
Wednesday, 16 April
A pamphlet, attributed to Lashkar-i-Islam (LI), was distributed in aneighborhoods of the Khyber Pakhtunhwa capital threatening Shia Muslims, to vacate the area in the next ten days, police said on Tuesday. Residents of Pahari Pura’s Manzoor Colony were warned of serious consequences failing to follow the warning. Shia Muslims are concerned about their security. Many of these residences have to economic and physical mean to leave their belonging and property and leave in a different area.
Shia Muslim Killed, another Injured in Karachi
Thursday, 17 April
On Thursday April 17th an attack to a Shia community in Karachi resulted in death of one and serious injury of another. The attackers, who are believed to be affiliated with Sipah-e-Sahaba, stormed into Hassan Electric Shop in Urdu Bazaar of Nazimabad and killed Muhammad Ali and wounded Sadiq Hussain.
Shia Muslim ambushed and killed in Liaquatabad
Friday, 18 April
Arshad Naqvi who was ambushed on April 15th was killed in Liaquatabad on Friday.
Concerns about the Security of Shia Inmates in Quetta’s
Saturday, 19 April
According to local activists Shia prisoners in Quetta’s jail have been moved to the cell where Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba are imprisoned. Local Shia are worried that this movement will result in harm to the Shia inmates and their families. There are number of incident in which anti-Shia inmates slaughtered the family member of the Shia inmates after they are released.
Shia Businessman Killed in Karachi
Monday, 21 April
Ali Raza Manekia a Shia Muslim businessman was attacked by unknown gunman in in Karachi on Sunday. He was taken to the hospital where doctors announced his death to his wounds. Shia professionals and business owners have been under attack by anti-Shia groups for a long time.
Shia Muslim Killed in Karachi
Tuesday, 22 April
Hussain was hit with bullets in Paharh Ganj area of North Nazimabad, district central of Karachi on April 22nd.
Shia of Karachi have been targeted by different groupd and the government have not taken any action to protect this minority despite the international request from all committees.
Continuation of Shia targeted killings was confronted by the people in community. Local leaders stated these killings are proof that the government is failing to protect its citizens. The leaders also urged the people to remain calm and do not engage in violent while condemning the government’s inaction.

Summary of Shia Killings in Pakistan- April 8th to 15th

Summary of Shia Killings in Pakistan- April 8th   to 15th
The following cases summarize  the confirmed targeted killings in Pakistan during the week of April 8th and 15th
 A Shia doctor killed and another member of the Shia community injured in a targeted attack near a hospital in Karachi on Wednesday April 9th. Unknown man opened fire upon Dr Haider Raza while he was boarding his car in Gulistan-e-Johar near Dar us Sehat Hospital.
Anti-Shia group killed a Shia lawyer in Karachi on Thursday April 10th raising the death toll of Shia Muslims to 3 since Wednesday April 9th.
Syed Waqar ul Hassan Shah, a Shia lawyer was on way to his office in his car when he was ambushed and killed near Disco Bakery in Gulshan-e-Block 7 in Karachi.
Ghulam Hussain Kashmiri, a Shia Muslim killed outside a Shia mosque in Karachi on Thursday April 10th. He was passing through the street of Haideri Masjid Ali Basti of New Golimar in Karachi when he was ambushed and killed.
  • Mohammad Karam Killed near Parachinar- April 10th
A Shia taxi driver killed near Parachinar on Thursday April 10th. Mohammad Karam was killed in his taxi.
Behram Khan Gadi killed in Dera Ismail Khan- April 11th
As activists report Sipah-e-Sahaba shot and killed Behram Khan Gadi, a Shia Muslim in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa province on Friday April 11th.
A Shia scholar and a high official were taken into custody and detained under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) by administration of Haripur, Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa province on April 12th. Allama Waheed Abbas Kazmi and Nayyar Abbas Jafari were arrested and imprisoned in Dasu Jail Kohistan as they were making arrangements to hold a mourning congregation at Saeen Sahaili Road. According to local activist it is very normal to hold mourning congregation at that location.
  • Engineer Muntazir Mehdi Killed in Karachi- April 13th
Engineer Muntazir Mehdi, a Shia professional was killed in Karachi on April 13th.
Mehdi was a professor at the NED Engineering University Karachi and member of the Asgharia Organisation. Asgharia Organisation is an organization founded by students of Sindth University.
The students of NED University of Engineering and Technology staged a rally on Monday to protest against the assassination of their professor.
  • Two Shia Hazara Muslims of Quetta Killed- April 13th.  
Two Shia Hazara Muslims of Quetta were shot and killed after having established their Shia identity on April 13th.  Juma Khan and Najeeb were residents of Hazara Town Quetta. They were travelling on Saryab Road Quetta where they were pulled out of vehicle and riddled with bullets. Their bodies were thrown in the street. 
Ishrat Hussain, Pakistani Shia was shot and killed on Tuesday April 15th.  As local activists report Ishrat was a Shia rights activist who dedicated his life to ensure security and discipline during mourning processions as most Shia targeted killings take place during such rituals in Pakistan.
The Shia targeted killings resulted in two peaceful protests on April 12th and 14th. Many women, children and family members of the killed individuals gathered in different cities to condemn the violence against Shia killings in Pakistan.
Special thanks to reporter Muhammad Kaunain.

Guess Which Countries are Spending Most on Arm Forces and Weapons?

SIPRI, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, one of the reliable research institutes that researches into the arm control published a scary report on the increase spending on arms by countries with most human rights violations. According to the report China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are among the 23 countries around the world that have more than doubled their military expenditure since 2004. While developing countries are springing more on weapons, western countries such as US is spending less on arm forces and weapons.
Saudi Arabia’s spending increased by 14 per cent and reached $67 billion,

Bahrain’s spending increased 26 per cent,

Iraq’s spending is up to 27 per cent,

The report highlights that eight states bordering the Gulf—Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are countries that invest most in arm forces and weapons.

Such report raises the important question of why such countries are inverting so much on weapons. And where do they buy these weapons from?

History reveals that all these countries have been involved in human rights violations, arm conflicts and unrest. Number of these countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are well known for arming different terrorist groups. Some others, such as Bahrain, are well known for oppressing peaceful pro-democracy native protestors.

It is interesting how money and economic priorities result in killings of many activists and pro-freedom civilians. The fact that all mentioned countries buy the weapons to mainly confront their own citizen is crystal clear to all yet no company or government stopped selling weapons to those countries. Except Korea that stated they stopped selling to Bahrain, no other country claimed such rightful decision.

If and only IF, international committees and nations would stop selling arms to countries that are famous for their human rights violations, there would be a hope for the peace in the future of the Middle East….

Too bad….

Every nation needs money and guest who has it?

Oil reached companies of Middle East…..

So it’s OK if they are killing people with it, as long as they pay CASH for the weapons….

by Hawraa Zakery, Human Rights Reseracher                      on    April, 15,2014

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