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Anti-Shia Wahhabi Killed Two Shia and Arrested Cleric

Al-nimerAnti-Shia Wahhabi Security forces in eastern Saudi Arabia (Qatif) have killed two Shia and injureed at least 20, after a Shia leader Shaikh Alnimer was shot and arrested.
Syed Akbar al Shakhuri, from al-Awmiya city and Syed Mohammad al-Felfel from Qatif are two Shia who got killed in Saudi. The injured are in bad condition.
Sheikh Nemer al-Nimer, a prominent Shia cleric and Anti-terrorist activist, was chased, shot and arrested while driving toward his home in July,8 2012, said witnesses.

The protests against inhumane treatment toward Shia citizen in Saudi Arabia were the largest in the city since November and December, when at least six Shia peaceful demonstrators were shot and killed. Government was prompted by influential Anti-Shia Wahhabis to escalate its pressure on the Shia opposition.


Saudi Arabia Humanity Crime Against Shia

Mohammad-ShamimyThroughout the past couple of years, Human Rights organizations have worked around the clock to assure innocent people’s rights. Nothing tops the amazing feeling of saving a life, restoring a right, and even being a guardian organization to protect innocent people’s rights and act as a voice for the voiceless. at Shia Rights Watch, an organization that focuses on rights of Shia around the globe, we like to remind Human Rights organizations around the globe that we have failed to restore rights of many people whose voices we have heard, but not fought for their rights as we should have!

Every hour of every day, rights of men, women, and children are violated and we neglect to raise our voices for the sake of humanity, yet no authority in any of the monarchy government has been taken to International Crime Court, ( ICC ), nor any anti-Shia has been sentences for the crimes they have committed.

Over seventy days ago, we published a story about an innocent Saudi Arabian teenager, Mohammad Al-Shamimi. Al-Shamimi was arrested when he was coming back from Kuwait. Now after months of not knowing much about his health condition, on June 29th, Mr. Al-Shamimi was released from prison, where his family members noticed Mohammad did not recognize his own parents and family members, became mute, and lost all ability to communicate and speak due to tortures done through electrical shocks. The shape of his jaw has been curved, or misplaced as well. This is an initial and early aftermath effect of tortures done to Mohammad in Dammam Prison in Saudi Arabia.

The most recent poll shows that 600 adults are in Saudi Arabia prisons, accompanied by 35 children, all different ages, some under the age of eighteen. In the past fourteen months, 150 adults and 11 children are reported missing and their family members believe the government has captured them, and they may be under torture now. These innocent people’s health conditions are unknown.

We ask all Human Rights organizations to assist us in raising the voice of the voiceless innocent men, women, and children in Saudi Arabia. Innocent Shia like Mohammad deserve to be hospitalized in proper facility and the criminals who have committed such inhumane tortures to people like Mohammad, or any other similar human rights violation, to higher courts like International Criminal Court, and fight for justice. The future of Mohammad Al-Shamimi, and many other innocent people are tied to how much effort we put to seek justice for people whose minimal human rights have been violated.

Saudi Authorities Arrest Shia Human Rights Activist

Kamel_AlahmedSRW( Shia Rights Watch) – SRW condemns the detention of Kamel Abbas al-Ahmed. It is time that Saudi authorities recognize the Shia citizens and give them the minimum rights of expressing themself, experiencing freedom and the freesom of involvement in peaceful conversation.

Kamel Abbas al-Ahmed is an engineer and the brother of the Saudi dissident Ali Abbas al-Ahmed, head of the Gulf Institute in Washington. The Saudi security services escorted Kamel al-Ahmed to an unknown destination without giving any reasons for his detention and without a warrant.

This is not the first time that al-Ahmed has been detained. He was harassed by the security services and detained for nearly nine years in the Kingdom’s prisons without clear reasons. His passport was also seized almost 18 months ago to deny him freedom of travelling outside the country.

In 2009, the Shiite activist Kamel al-Ahmed rejected the remarks of Adel al-Kelbani, the Imam of Grand Mosque of Mecca, judging Shiites as disbelievers. He was among a group of activists and writers who issued a statement holding the political authority responsible for the ongoing sectarian discrimination against Shiites and followers of other Islamic sects that are different from the Salafi ideology of the state, and the fatwas that charge them with infidelity. The activists attributed this policy to the government’s persistence in denying Shiites participation in the management of the state and excluding them from the process of decision making and the general policy of the country.

Although the authorities have failed to announce the reasons of Kamel al-Ahmed’s detention, it is likely to be due to his activities, as well as his brother’s activities as a Saudi dissident abroad. It is also an attempt to pressure and intimidate him to stop criticizing the Saudi authorities.

Saudi Arrest Mohammad and Ali Alshamimy

sa-flagUpdate: On Friday April, 20 Saudi authorities arrest Shia Scholar Al-Shamimy second son to Ali AlShamimy and took him to an unknown place. This come one week after Mohammad Al-Shamimy’s arrest. Mohammad was arrested previously in Bahrain and released after spending months in jail without being given any explanation from Bahraini authorities. Last week while he was returning from Kuwait to Saudi, he was arrested.

Saudi authorities arrested Muhammad Al-Shamimy while he was returning with his father from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia. Authorities took Mohammad to an unknown destination.  They also confiscated Al-Shamimy’s car and cellphone for search. When Al- Shamimy’s father asked for the reason of arrest authorities told him to go to the Qatif police station. Until now no one knows the reason of Al- Shamimy’s arrest, or his current situtaion.

Shia Rights Watch Condemns Sectarian Division against Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia

Couple days after Shia Rights Watch condemnation regarding the sectarian division against Shia Ismaili in Saudi Arabia, the king of Saudi Arabia ordered to closure of the “Awtan” TV Station. He also said that the TV station team should be held accountable for its actions, but Shia rights watch asks the government of Saudi to put end of these action by giving the rights to Shia in their country Law and treat the people in the kingdom equal. Also reminding them that equality and freedom is one of the first rules of human rights.

Shia Rights Watch condemns Sectarian Division against Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia

Shia Rights Watch condemns the statements of Dr. Mohammad Al Hijazi and Saad Al Sibr broadcast on the Saudi Arabia based ‘Awtan’ Channel on March 23, 2012.

The organization calls authorities in the country to put an end to the takfiri’s plots, describing them as still living back in the era of al khawarij without really taking into consideration the other’s feelings.

The release states that this group of takfiri is only busy in making sectarian divisions and sedition among Muslims.

Thousands of Shia Ismailis had gathered in the east province in Saudi Arabia, Al Sharqiya, calling to punish the channel’s team for broadcasting such dividing statements. The protestors announced their readiness to escalate and protest in the capital in al Riyadh for the same demands.

Fear that the authorities would practice oppression against the protestors in the name of keeping order and security remain.

Human Rights Watch calls for International human rights organizations and free people to stand up and support the Shia Ismailis in Saudi Arabia in obtaining their rights and demanding life in peace and stability in their homeland.

The organization also calls for more cooperation to stop the plots of takfiris, their extremists and media channels (especially in Saudi Arabia) that keep working on sectarian divisions.

Arrest of the Youngest Bahraini Quran Reciter by the Saudi Religious Militia

arrest_of_youngest_quran_reciterShia Rights Watch strongly condemns the arrest of the youngest Bahraini Quran reciter, Hassan Abulhassan, 11, by the Saudi religious militia and police at the Prophet Mohammad Mosque in Medina.

The militia arrested Abulhassan while he was giving a lesson to other children on the correct way to recite Quran. The militia attacked the man who was chaperoning the children and filming them at one of the courtyard of the mosque.  The Saudi militia then took Abulhassan and his father to their headquarters for interrogation.

When the father of the Abulhassan inquired about the reason for detention, he was answered that they got the information that Hassan is a Rafidhi, a derogatory term for Shia Muslims widely used by Wahhabi extremists.

The police told the father Abdulah Abulhassan that he should not recite the Quran in the places like Prophet Mohammad Mosque. The incident shocked the witnesses who expressed their outrage to the Saudi religious militia. One of the Egyptian witnesses followed them and refused to leave until they were released.

He testified that Hassan did not make any mistake that would justify  the militia’s attacking and intimidating him during the recitation of the Quran.  Abulhassan and his father were released by Saudi religious militia without apology. Shia visitors for the Prophet Mohamed Mosque are a frequent target for abuse of the Saudi religious militia and security forces.

In December of 2011 a Shia Muslim from Australia was arrested in Medina and sentenced to 500 lashes ad months in prison after been arrested by the religious militia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most anti-Shia governments in the world.

Signs of Failure of the Political Performance in Saudi Arabia

Saudi-MapKilling of innocent Shia and systematic suppression by the use of force is a sign of failure of the political performance in Saudi Arabia.
Shia Rights Watch, as a human right organization, considers the use of force against peaceful movement, and targeting of human rights activists in Saudi Arabia a deficiency in the political performance from the King of the country.
SRW opposes the use of violence by Saudi security forces in stopping the peaceful movement in the Kingdom. The Saudi government prevented Shia human rights activists from working or traveling in the country and insulted journalists who are calling for reform and questioned them in inhuman and immoral manners. These actions demonstrate the failure of the Kingdom in the management of the country and its people.

 Shia human rights activists have taken it upon themselves to repair the damage that ignorant people who do not have understanding of the principles of Islam caused. Preventing these activists from working, traveling and helping will farther drag the country down toward failure.

The kingdom of Saudi should know that the use of force against the peaceful movement that demands equality for all is considered systematic repression and genocide of it’s the people.

Targeting the Shia writers, intellectuals and advocates who are seeking reform proves seriousness of what is happening in Arab and Muslim world.
In conclusion, SRW demands:

Release of all imprisoned human rights activists and journalists, employed or not,

Abolition of their unfair trials

and not pursuing them afterward .

Also consulting the representative of each opposition, asking for their need to build trust between them to solve problems in the kingdom.

It is particularly recommended to have a peace talk with the Shia, who are target of discrimination and unfair treatments in Saudi and seek solution.

Police kills 3 Shia in 24 Hours in Eastern Saudi Arabia

www.shiarighttswatch.org-muneer-2-10-12Saudi security forces shot and killed three Shia freedom seekers and six others wounded, when they opened fire on a march in the oil-producing Eastern Province, home to a large Shia minority.

 21-year-old Muneer al-Meedani died from a bullet in the chest fired by police while dispersing demonstrators in the center of the town of al-Qatif on Thursday.

Muneer al-Meedani was the sixth to be killed since November.

According to Qatif News in the past 24 Hours Saudi police have killed two more Shia.  Zuhair Saeed died from bullet in his stomach.

 Security forces have arrested and released around 500 Shia over the prostests, and are currently holding 80 Shia

behind bars, according to activist counts.


Saudi Closed Largest Shia Mosque in Al-Ahsa

shiarightswatch.org-saudiShia Rights Watch condemns the closure of the largest Shia mosque in Al-Ahsa, one of the Shia city in Saudi Arabia and ask the government to know that the continuing the discrimination might bring unrest to the country. It is the Shia’s right to practice peaceful programs in the month of Moharam and it is the job of the government to protect their citizens, not to oppressed them.

According to Rasid, Saudi security authorities ordered the closure of the newly established Shia mosques Buhaligha, which opened earlier this year.

The closures came in the beginning of the month of Moharam in which Shia commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, the prophet’s Mohammad grandson.

The authorities have not given a clear explanation for this action but they return fear to the Shia citizens in Al- Ahsa, in result of discrimination toward them and not allowing them to practice their rights.

Al-Ahsa was under years of security watch,  ending up in the arrest of hundreds of Shia citizens and long closure of dozens of Shia mosques, religious schools and family service centers.

Even though government gave the permission of opening some of the Shia mosques and centers, the last crackdown showed that discrimination toward Shia in Saudi Arabia will not rest.

Not to forget that Shia population is more than 10 percent of the Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Security Forces Killed two Shia in Qatif

ShiaRightsWatch.org-11-24-2011Ali Agrairees and Muneeb Aladnan are two Shia killed by Saudi security forces on Wednesday evening 11-23-2011. Security forces intruded the funeral of the two Shia killed this week and raises the death toll to four in Eastern Province since Sunday.

An activist said: “Everything was fine until the body arrived, then the people got very angry and started to chant anti-government slogans and the riot police shot in the air.”

“People came back onto the streets after evening prayer and the riot police started shooting at them directly. I could hear shooting from 8 p.m. until midnight.”

Source: rasid.com

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