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55 years old Shia Syed Qamar Raza killed by Anti-Shia terrorist

Anti-Shia terrorist killed 55 years old Shia Syed Qamar Raza. Raza was ambushed by two unidentified assailants when he was returning from a walk to his apartment in Sharifabad.

Reza was critically injured in the attack and was sent to Karachi’s main hospital, where he later died.

Raza was the director of Pakistan’s IB Security Agency as well as the Secretary to Haidery Scouts.

Pakistani authorities are not doing their job in protecting Shia citizens, discrimination occurs on a daily bases and no one is taking the responsibility for this inhumane treatment.

Shia targeted violences question the Pakistan’s Security Agency’s responsibilty in their handling of the Shia Genocide. Perhaps if they had taken a more serious action, Qamar Raza would be alive right now.

11 Shia Killed as Rocket Hits Bus in Quetta

PK-busAccording to sources, a bus carrying pilgrims from Iran’s city of Tuftan to Quetta was attacked when it reached the western bypass near Hazar Ganji. Miscreants fired a rocket on the bus, overturning it.

The bus caught fire and eleven people died on the spot while many others sustained injuries.

The people from the area begun rescue services of their own while corpses and injured were shifted to hospital.

Before this, a number of such atrocities occurred due to a lack of security measures in the area. This time, the caravan was accompanied by a policeman who also fell victim to the terrorists’ barbarism.

Terrorists targeting Shia lawyers

PK-09KARACHI, Pakistan– In  a target killing incident, three innocent Shia lawyers were killed by the armed terrorists of Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangvi at Pakistan Chowk in Karachi.

According to our sources, the lawyers were on their way in a car when unidentified gunmen riding in motorbikes targeted them at Pakistan Chowk near City Court. The  gunmen opened fire from the two side of the car and the 3 shia lawyers were killed on the spot.

The terrorists managed to flee from the scene afterwards. The Shia lawyers were identified as Shakeel Jafferi, Kafeel Jafferi and Badar Munir.

“It was a target killing incident, they all were lawyers. Two of them are father and son,” a police official told, adding that the dead bodies and injured have been shifted to civil hospital Karachi for medico-legal formalities.

The Continual Killing of Shia Physicians in Pakistan

Karachi-Shia-Feb20102About 80 doctors were killed in a crescendo of target killing in 2000, and the majority were Shias. Many worked in the underserved and overpopulated areas of Karachi.

Ahmedi is, of course, almost an expletive in Pakistan. In the recent past, in Punjab, Ahmedi physicians have been killed in broad daylight. And, for all the legal recourse that the return of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry allegedly brought, no suo motus occurred, no one was apprehended and no trials were set.

Thirty-year-old Dr Babar Mannan was working in Hussaini Health Home in the Irani Camp locality of Orangi Town when two young men barged in and emptied their guns on him. In another recent episode, motorbike gunmen intercepted Dr Haider Abbas near Metroville III, killing him on the spot. In the same wave of madness, Dr Junaid Shakir and Dr Hasan Haider were killed gin New Karachi and Railway Colony respectively.

Sad, and seemingly powerless, physicians on the Dow Medical College alumni list mourn the victims. Dr Tariq Chundrigar writes poignantly: “A childhood friend of mine used to run a dental clinic in Nazimabad. He shared the clinic with a GP. This tireless, never out of temper gentleman had a following of patients that warmed one’s heart. One day, in 1989, someone walked into the GP’s clinic, pretending to be a doctor, put a gun to his head and shot him twice. And calmly walked out, to a waiting motorcycle, and rode off.This was late 2000.”

The US constitution guarantees the right to bear arms; Pakistan’s does not. De-weaponisation must be immediate, without ifs, ands, or buts. Perhaps the Supreme Court needs to step in for a government that is as usual ineffective, unwilling and incapable of protecting its citizens.

19 Shia killed and 35 wounded in bus explosion

shiarightswatch.org-pk.explosionAt least 19 Shia were killed and over 35 others were injured when a blast hit a passenger bus in Balochistan on Monday morning, a private TV reported, adding that a large number of casualties are feared as most of the injured are in critical condition.

The incident happened at about 9:20 a.m. (local time) when a bomb targeted a passenger bus carrying over 50 people at the main highway in Mastung, a district in the country’s southwest province of Balochistan.

Officials confirmed the death of two people. State-run television reported that nearly 50 people, including women and children, were injured, and 6 people were killed. The condition of seven of the injured was critical, doctors at a local hospital said. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital and those in a critical condition were later shifted to Quetta.

Police said that the intended target of the bombing have been a bus with Shia pilgrims that passed the area minutes before the explosion.

3 killed and 6 wounded in Charkhel village ,Pakistan

Anti-Shia Wahhabi gunmen armed with grenades killed at least three Shia  and wounded six others Monday May,28,2012  after ambushing a bus in a Pakistani tribal region, officials say.

The incident took place in Charkhel village of Parachinar, Pakistan‘s tribal area on the Afghan border.

“Gunmen attacked a passenger bus carrying Shia Muslims including women and children with hand grenades and firearms, killing three Shias and wounding six others,” a local administration official told on condition of anonymity.

Anti-Shia killed Scholar and poet Dr Shabihul Hassan Rizvi

Dr.Rizvi-shiarightswatch.orgSRW( Shia Rights Watch) – Scholar and poet Dr Shabihul Hassan Rizvi was killed due to firing of Anti-Shia terrorists in Lahore. Dr Rizvi was a known educationist.

The terrorists riding motorcycles targeted Mr. Rizvi who was standing outside his college. He was seriously injured due to firing on Friday night. He was rushed to services hospital for treatment where he succumbed to his injuries in the wee hours of Saturday.

Police has sent Dr Shabih’s body for post mortem and registered case on request of his brother Sharif ul Hassan.

His murder has evoked condemnation from many eminent figures and parties. Shia scholars and parties also condemned the killing. They said that target killings of Shia Muslim continued in all over Pakistan. They demanded of the government to play an effective role to stop the genocide of Shia Muslims.


New attack in Pakistan Killed Two Shia

At least two Shia Muslims have been killed in an attack on Tuesday (5-5-2012) by Anti-Shia gunmen in Pakistan‘s troubled southwestern Balochistan province.

They were on their way from Mand area of Balochistan to Karachi on a bus when unidentified gunmen riding motorcycles intercepted the coach and gunned them down after taking them out of the bus.

The attackers managed to escape from the scene. Assistant Commissioner Mand Badal Dashti has confirmed the incident.

Pakistani security forces cordoned off the area and launched an investigation, which as usual stopped in less than a couple days, because authorities don’t want to protect the Shia.

Sipah e Sahaba Militants have killed a large group of Shia Muslims in different parts of Pakistan over the past three years.

Pakistani Shia leaders have called on the government to form a judicial commission to investigate the crimes.

The recent surge in attacks against Pakistani Shia civilians has caused international outrage, with many rights groups and regional countries, including Iran and some American and Europe countries condemning the attacks and expressing deep concern over attempts to target unarmed Shia civilians.

Four Shia Muslims were killed in Karachi due to firing of Anti-Shia terrorists

PK-234Four Shia Muslims were killed in Karachi due to firing of Anti-Shia terrorists in three incidents on Monday and Tuesday.

1. Nasir Ali alias Kallu was targeted in Nayabad Lyari.

2. Ahsan Abbas Naqvi and Syed Zia Mehdi were on their motorcycle when they were fired upon near Karimabad.

Ahsan Abbas was killed and Zia Mehdi was rushed to hospital for treatment. He succumbed to fatal wounds. They were residents of Federal B Area Block 19 and 20.

Another Shia Muslim was killed in Karachi due to firing of Anti-Shia terrorists on Tuesday. The incident occurred in North Karachi.

The killed Shia was identified as Hassan Akhtar Naqvi. He was an active member of Al-Haider Scouts. By profession, he was a security guard.

The body was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for post-mortem. He was fourth Shia killed in Karachi since Monday night.

Shia organisations have condemned the murder of four Shia Muslims. They demanded of the government and relevant higher authorities to adopt measures for a stoppage to genocide of Shia Muslims and arrest of the terrorists and severe punishment to them.

شيعة رايتس ووتش

شيعة رايتس ووتش

الدفاع عن العدالة

 منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش هي اول منظمة شيعية عالمية ، مستقلة، غير حكومية،  وغير ربحية تعنى برعاية وحماية حقوق المسلمين الشيعة في مختلف دول العالم واروقت الامم المتحدة. تأسست عام 2011 و مقرها واشنطن.

تهدف المنظمة الى لفت انتباه المجتمع الدولي ورفع الوعي الدولي لما يجري من انتهاكات ضد الشيعة في العالم. وتسعى الى ان تكون الصرخة التي تجلب الجاني الى العدالة.

تعتمد المنظمة منهجية واستراتيجية الاستقصاء الصحفي  وتوثيق الحوادث عبر ممثليها في مختلف الدول و عرض التقارير الدورية والتبليغ عن الانتهاكات بهدف حماية حقوق الشيعة.

رؤية المنظمة

الحرية الدينية حق للجميع

تتطلع منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش الى عالم يعمّه الأمن و السّلام للجميع بغض النظر عن دينهم، جنسهم، عرقهم، او اصلهم.

تعمل المنظمة على تبيين حقوق المسلمين الشيعة  و انهم كغيرهم من الأمم يجب ان يتمتعوا بكامل حقوقهم المدنية. مؤكدة عدم السماح للتمييز باي شكل من أشكاله، بل والابلاغ عن وجود الانتهاكات في حقهم اينما كانت. وتعتقد ان الله جلا وعلا قد اعطى الناس الحرية و الاختيار للعيش بسلام.


لا شيعي فوق القانون او دونه

تعمل منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش على حماية حقوق المسلمين الشيعة في العالم، مساندة ضحايا التمييز والفوقية ودعم النشاط الذي يحول دون حصول هذا التمييز، وكذلك ضمان الحرية السياسية و الدينية.

تقوم المنظمة بمساعي حقوقية و اعلامية في المجتمعات المحلية والدولية لدعم حق الحرية للجميع.

عمليا، تقوم منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش بالتحقيق في كافة الانتهاكات التي تمارس ضد الشيعة وذلك بهدف رفع الظلم.

تدعو المنظمة الى تغيير المفاهيم  الخاطئة في حق الشيعة من خلال التقارير والاصدارات وكتابة المقالات الفكرية وارسالها الى الحكومات العربية والاسلامية من جهة والمنظمات الحقوقية في مختلف دول العالم من جهة اخرى.

ترصد منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش وسائل الاعلام باستمرار لمراقبة التغطية الاعلامية للانتهاكات ضد الشيعة حول العالم.

 الهدف السامي

يواجه الشيعة في العالم اضطهادا مستمرا من قبل المتطرفين والتكفيريين لا لسبب سوى انتمائهم العقائدي لمدرسة أهل البيت عليهم السلام.  و لطالما كانوا عرضة للاضطهاد والتعذيب وحتى الاعدام لقرون عديدة.

تؤمن منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش بضرورة وجود المنظمات الحقوقية في مختلف دول العالم لحماية حقوق الشيعة وايصال صوتهم و المطالبة بحقوقهم حتى تنتهي الانتهاكات ضدهم.

 فريق عمل منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش

 انطلقت منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش بجهود متضامنة وموحدة لفريق نشطاء متطوعين من خلفيات اثنية ودينية مختلفة بهدف استحضار الدعم الدولي لحقوق الشيعة. و هذا النشاط كان بفضل تزايد عدد المتطوعين حيث تضم المنظمة حاليا ما يزيد عن 100 متطوع منتشرين حول العالم.

تتراوح مسؤولية الفريق بين جمع المعلومات وكتابة التقارير والمقالات لاحداث التغيير الفكري الداعم لحقوق الشيعة في العالم.

 منهجية منظمة شيعة رايتس وتش

 تعتقد منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش ان الحصول على المعلومات والابلاغ ضد الانتهاكات التي تمارس بحق الشيعة هي من اهم المصادر في عملية الاستقصاء لذا فان المنظمة اعتمدت وسائل متعددة، منها:

الحضور الميداني و مقابلة الشهود، الضحايا وذويهم، الحصول على المعلومات من مكان الحدث، تحليل التقارير الصادرة عن المنظمات المحلية والدولية، عقد اللقاءات مع الجمعيات المدنية غير الحكومية والقادة والصحفيين  من خلال ايجاد شبكة علاقات واسعة تربط شرائح المجتمع. وبناء على الجمع الوفير من المعلومات، تتمكن المنظمة من تحديد حجم الانتهاكات ضد الشيعة. وهذه الانتهاكات تضم على سبيل المثال لا الحصر على ما يلي:

  • انتهاك حق الحياة
  • الاعتقال التعسفي
  • المحاكمات غير العادلة والسجن غير القانوني
  • الاساءة الجسدية والنفسية من اغتصاب اوتعذيب اواعتداء جنسي
  • الاستيلاء غير القانوني على الاملاك الخاصة
  • تدمير مراكز دينية
  • التمييز في مجال العمل
  • التمييز في مجال التعليم

 منظمة شيعة رايتس كمصدر

 الصحافيون المهتمون بتغطية شؤون الشرق الاوسط يجدون في تقارير منظمة شيعة ووتش مصدرا هاما لكونها تعنى بالتركيز على شريحة مهمة في الشرق الاوسط. فعلى سبيل المثال، من اجل دراسة  الانتهاكات ضد المتظاهرين في احداث الربيع العربي بشكل كامل، يتوجب التعرف على الصراع الذي يخوضه الشيعة من اجل نيل حقوقهم خاصة وان هذه الانتهاكات متواصلة ويتم التعتيم عليها اعلاميا.  و رد السلطات على احداث الربيع العربي كان فرصة سانحة للجناة لارتكاب المزيد من الانتهاكات والتعذيب.

وبعيدا عن العالم العربي، هناك بلاغات عن حالات ترهيب في جزء اخر من العالم مثل جنوب آسيا تهدف الى اثارة الكراهية الطائفية ضد المواطنين الشيعة يغذيها الخطاب السياسي عبر اثارة قضايا مفتعلة او اخبار كاذبة او مفبركة وتحت عناوين براقة  كالارهاب مثلا.

تهدف منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش الى الابلاغ عن كل جريمة ترتكب بحق الشيعة في كل جزء من العالم. فالمحققين التابعين للمنظمة يقابلون الضحايا بشكل مباشر ويرصدون التغطيات لوسائل الاعلام الناطقة بلغات مختلفة.

تعمل منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش ضمن شبكة تربطها بالمجتمعات المحلية، منظمات حقوق الانسان الدولية، والاكادميين من المجتمعات الشيعية  .

فريق منظمة شيعة رايتس ووتش يشكلون خليطا بشريا من مختلف الاديان والاعراق وهدفهم الدفاع عن حقوق الانسان.

هذه الشبكة توفر المعلومات القيمة للاعلاميين الذين يغطون تبعات الاحداث والانتهاكات في حق الشيعة .

يمكن الاطلاع على التقارير على الموقع الخاص بالمنظمة: www.shiarightswatch.org .

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