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Hajj 2019 Travel Advisory Pack

During this year’s Hajj pilgrimage, Shia Rights Watch vested a lot of interest in ensuring that all hajji and hajjah have a safe voyage, in particular, the Shia population. The organization worked on a travel advisories package with basic, but necessary information about the Hajj trip, that includes ways to prevent incidents, what to bring or not to bring during the pilgrimage, contact information available, and other important programs that can be accessed to further ensure one’s safety.

This travel advisory that was emailed to most Shia Hajj groups to be used at their Hajj preparation classes includes an informative infographic and video containing tips on what you need to bring, and additionally some key and handy information about ways to keep safe and avoid any uncomfortable situation during the pilgrimage. 

The following is the link to the video and one poster,



Shia Rights Watch encourages all to be safe during the pilgrimage and have a remarkable and wonderful Hajj. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #hajj2019 to share your experience and report any violations.