SRW Internship Program

Shia Rights Watch has hosted 29 interns during last three years and was awarded for Best of Summer Intern Supervisor Site by Washington Center.

We offer undergraduate and graduate internships at the Shia Rights Watch. These internships are intended to:

  • Increase the intern’s understanding of current human rights issues at the international level and give them an insight into the work of the SRW in particular,
  • Provide SRW mechanisms with the assistance and contribution of outstanding young students or graduates.

The relationship between the organization and the intern is one of mutual benefit. Interns are assigned to an organizational unit of SRW according to the needs of the office and their own areas of interest. Generally, interns are involved in:

Researching human rights issues,

Providing substantive and technical servicing of meetings,

Backstopping fact-finding and technical cooperation activities,

Engaging in advocacy efforts aimed at curtailing human rights violations.


Interns are assigned to monitoring human rights developments in various countries and write analytical human rights reports. They design and manage human rights campaign as the primary advocate.

As part of the internship program, SRW  briefs interns through a series of information sessions on human rights issues conducted by staff of the office. Interns will have a mentor on-site to help them throughout the process.

SRW internships often offer direct exposure to the workings of an international human rights organization, close supervision by the SRW staff, interaction with other international organizations and foreign and domestic government officials, and opportunities to attend lectures, training, and special events relating to human rights.

Meet some of our interns HERE

SRW Internship Program

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