Letter to President Trump Calling for Immediate Intervention in Saudi Arabia

Letter to President Trump calling for immediate intervention in Al-Awamiyah, Saudi Arabia. 

Respected President Trump,

Representing the United States of America as its president means standing up for American values, values that are based on democracy, freedom, dignity and human rights.

As a human rights activist and on behalf of the Shia Rights Watch (SRW), I am writing to highlight the need for your immediate intervention in Saudi Arabia.

Although Saudi Shia have been historically marginalized, discriminated and violated in their own land, recently the oppression and discrimination towards them has increased in the form of the largest military campaign in the history of this country.

Al Awamiyah, the main Shia area, has been under siege. Many homes and businesses have been destroyed; children and women have lost their husbands and fathers.

As it is open to all, Saudi authorities have been raiding the Shia populated areas of the country, arresting pro-democracy activists and charging them with brutal punishments.  Instead of focusing on combating ISIS, Saudis have been attacking their own citizens to distract international attention from ISIS. This kingdom has not sentenced a single ISIS fighter but is constantly beheading Shia protestors. In fact, 14 more Shia were sentenced to death recently.

Lack of democracy, no access to medical resources and education, rising number of arrests and killings, economic disaster, and extreme change to the social structure of the Shia populated areas of the Saudi Arabia is concerning and requires your attention.

SRW urges you to stand up for human values and contact King Salman asking him to stop ongoing oppression of its people. We would like to highlight the fact that as the US President you have the power and influence to end Saudi’s oppression and bring their focus back to combating ISIS.

As American citizens and human rights defenders, SRW believes your call on the Saudi King sends a powerful message to all leaders and presents American values of putting human rights first and fighting real terrorists and a common enemy, ISIS.


Shia Rights Watch 

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