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Nigeria Mass Killing, Example of Ongoing Anti-Shiism

Shia Rights Watch expresses its deep concern for Shia population after brutal Shia mass killing in Nigeria by state army.

According to local activists approximately 1,000 people were killed and hundreds were arrested by the army. The Shia leader Ibraheem Zakzaky was also shot and taken to an unknown place. The military has said Zakzaky is in its “safe custody,” but his followers are not sure he is receiving medical care he needs after he was wounded.

On Wednesday the government alleged mass burial of number of the victims to “cover up its crime and hide the death toll” as local Shia stated.

“Shia are minority in Nigeria and such brutal violation requires outsider evaluation since this government has lost its credibility after this mass killing” says Mustafa Akhwand, founder of SRW. Therefore SRW asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, to personally assign and oversee an investigation committee.

Mustafa continued “We the Shia Muslims, ask Ban Ki Moon to use his position to bring justice to the Shia community of Nigeria by a detailed investigation and fair punishment of the violators.”

SRW also participates in Political Briefing on Nigeria to discuss the recent attacks on Shia Muslims in Nigeria, and the arrest and torture of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub el-Zakzaky on Friday, December 18th. The briefing will take place at UMAA’s National Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Mustafa Akhwand will share SRW’s view on the issue at the rally in front of Nigerian Embassy and at the briefing.



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