In response to the growing number of human rights violations in the global Shia community, Shia Rights Watch has adopted a new complaint procedure in which violations can be reported online in an efficient and reliable manner. In this new procedure, victims or their associates can announce their complaint to Shia Rights Watch, who will create a confidential report and present to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. The complaint will be examined and reviewed by UN rapporteurs, who will investigate allegations.

Factual, reliable, victim oriented accounts are used to push for justice and allow light to be shed on minority rights violations occurring all over the world. If you are or know anyone who has been infringed of their rights based on religion or faith, please fill out a detailed information bellow. Please contact us at 001 (202) 350-4302 and/ or Email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please provide detailed responses below. We ask that you keep your responses relevent and that you refrain from the use of profound language

Personal Information of persons reporting

Personal information of persons victimized

Violator information

Nature of Violations